Sunday, 19 February 2012

Swarovski Glass Nail Files By Mont Bleu.

Mont Bleu glass nail files are made from high quality tempered Czech glass decorated with Swarovski crystals.
As any nail freak will know, emery boards are a thing of the past. They cause so much damage to the nail and often leave the free edge anything but smooth. I was sent some Mont Bleu files to try out, they're so pretty I almost didnt want to use them in fear of getting nail dust all over them.

I've seen glass files with crystals on them before, they looked horrendous, often with glue all over the crystals or the crystals were just too large and made holding the file an absolute nightmare. These files are so well made, the Swarovski crystals are the perfect size and actually help you get a better grip while filing the nails.

Mont Bleu files come in so many different colours, styles, sizes and designs. Filing the nails is effortless and takes hardly any time at all. I keep the smaller file in my bag for nail emergencies and feel quite smug when I catch people are staring at it. I've gave the Swarovski Crystals a good poke and prod but they dont budge, not even slightly.

My pics do these files absolutely no justice at all, they're the most gorgeous, well made files I've ever laid eyes/hands on. All Mont Bleu files can be purchased from here or here for wholesalers. Mont Bleu were kind enough to include a voucher code for my readers.. If you see anything you like on the website then just enter ''BLOG'' for your discount.
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  1. These are gorgeous! I always use a glass nail file from Vitry and wouldn't be without it - even though they cost a huge amount, glass nail files are the way to go and I'm hoping it will last me forever. I do keep it in my handbag but am looking for a mini one to replace it so I can keep it at home. Might have to place a cheeky order for one of these - love the white one xx

    1. They're so lovely, even nicer than they look on the website.

      I'm the same, the thought of using an emery board actually makes me cringe.

      If the files are dipped in acid then the surface will last forever but the ones that are sprayed with sand or whatever just wear down.

  2. They are sooo cute, *tries to persuade o/h to get me one *

  3. they look soooo fancy!!! love this!!