Friday, 28 October 2011

Get Yer Oil On.

So 2 years ago I absolutely battered my hair with bleach, I'd gone from black to blonde but it wasnt long before I returned to the dark side.
To get my hair back into condition, I tried every treatment you can think of but for me, Moroccan Oil worked best. I'm almost at the end of my 100ml bottle now, theres probably enough left to see me through christmas but as you know, the price is ridiculous, over £30!
It does last for what seems like forever so I suppose the price isnt that bad. Anyway, instead of buying another bottle, I wanted to try something diiferent, something I wasnt lucky enough to receive in my September Glossybox

L'Oreal Mythic Oil

Most of the reviews seem to be good and its miles cheaper than Moroccan Oil. Has anyone tried both, how do they compare?

If there's any other oils you've tried and liked, let me know.

Perfume Collection Part 1.

I'm going to start of with my least favourite perfumes, the ones I will never repurchase. I'll save my faves for another post! I'm not good at picking out top notes and all that jazz so will just keep it simple.

First up are the perfumes I bought just for the bottles, I'm such a packaging hoe!

Nina Ricci - Ricci Ricci. 50ml £39.50. My dad bought this for me at duty free last year, I asked for it.. was excited to get it.. smelt it.. hated it! I've worn it once and am in no hurry to wear it again. The bottle is gorgeous and  looks so pretty on my dressing table but as far as I'm concerned, thats all its good for. If someone is wearing this perfume.. you will smell them before you see them, not good.

Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy. 100ml £60. Another perfume I thought I needed. So many people love this fragrance though so maybe it's just me? I got this for christmas 2 years ago. I love the bottle, everyone needs a bit of tackiness in their life! I just cant wear this scent without getting the mother of all headaches and feeling slightly sick. Which brings me to the next perfume..

Miss Dior Cherie. 50ml £46. The only word to descibe this nostril offender  is AWFUL, I actually hate it but again, I convinced myself I needed it. I cant even look at IT now without getting a headache. To me it just smells old, in your face, overpowering and sickening, I could go on and on and on but I wont.

Thierry Mugler - Alien. 30ml £50. When Alien first came out I knew I had to have it, Not because I liked the scent (I hadnt even tried it yet) but because I was inlove with the bottle. This is a weird one for me, I really did like it for atleast a year but now I cant stand it. I dont know if I maybe convinced myself I liked it or maybe my taste has just changed? who knows. I highly doubt I would ever buy this again though.

Matthew Williamson - Sheer. 50ml. I'm not sure how much this usually costs but I got it for £10 from The Perfume Shop. I dont hate this perfume but I dont love it either. Yet another one I bought without smelling  first. I'd read so many rave reviews about this I really dont see what so many people are inlove with. It's not an awful scent but I cant see myself repurchasing or using it up anytime soon.

Hugo Boss Femme. 50ml £39. Another christmas gift from 4/5 years ago and I've never liked it, not even the bottle. I really dont have much to say about this fragrance so I'll leave it at that.

There ya go.. a list of my worst perfumes.

Just because I dont like any of these doesnt mean that you wont and sorry to anyone who uses these lol they just arent my cuppa tea, at all.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Another Addiction.

I'm coming to the end of quite a few of my perfumes but it's almost christmas and christmas = new perfumes! I was going to do a perfume collection post.. most used, least used, favourites, which ones I'll be repurchasing and a perfume wishlist.

Should I?
Shouldnt I?

Oh and am I the only weirdo who likes to keep certain empty bottles?  Some just look so pretty, I want to keep them forever. In the past I've even been sad enough to buy perfumes just because I liked the bottles. lol I'm sure I'm not the only one though, you lot are prob just as bad... if not worse. haha

Anyway, Big Brother is about to start so Ciao for now.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Swatch It Baby.

Most of my posts have been nail related lately... and heres another one.

Leighton Denny - Passion

'The classic sophisticated red. Epitomises style and glamour.'
This has to be my fav red ever! The above photo is from but the swatch photos are my own. Passion needs to be seen in person, it's a gorgeous jelly raspberry, blood, red colour. Super glossy and perfect in 2 coats.

With Flash

Ignore my bleached out fingers from the flash, and the blue at the side of my baby finger is the remains from my cack handed attempt at nail art.

The shade is darker in real life and would suit any skin-tone. It annoys me when colours dont come across true in photos.

Without Flash

If you're looking for a really glossy, in your face red polish for winter, you cant go wrong with this one.

I used:
 O.P.I Ridge Filler as a base
2 coats of Leighton Denny - Passion
Nails Inc Caviar Topcoat

Leighton Denny polishes are £11 each. If you can, get them in a set, it works out so much cheaper and you get the chance to try colours you maybe wouldnt have picked normally.

Monday, 24 October 2011


Nails Inc Magnetic Effect Polish (Trafalgar Square)

This polish is Gorgeous! The photo doesnt do it justice though, I've tried every angle and lighting but it doesnt come across as it does in real life. I'm hoping these magnetic polishes will make people forget about crackle/shatter, I cant stand it (even though I own a few) I'm not fussed on the whole ring finger mani either, I like my nails to be one colour so wasnt too excited over the whole magnetic polishes and wasnt going to buy any but I'm so glad I got these.

With Flash.

Without Flash.

From Left To Right.. Kensington Caviar Topcoat (this topcoat deserves a full blog all to itself!) I know it isnt new but it came in my magnetic set and it's the first time I've tried it.
Houses Of Parliament. (purple)
Big Ben. (gold)
Trafalgar Square. (gunmetal)

My fav from the collection is Trafalgar Square, If you were only going to buy one, I'd recommend this one without a doubt. It's so glossy and the two shades of silver look as if they're melting into eachother. I've had it on for 3/4 days now and there hasnt been any chipping or tip wear, last night I just applied another coat of Kensington Caviar to freshen it up a bit. Big Ben is the most subtle of the three and nothing worth getting excited over, it's a nice polish but not really to my taste. Houses Of Parliament is somewhere in the middle for me.. I dont love or hate it.

I got this set from QVC for around £20, not bad when it costs over £50 on the highstreet.

The Next Polish Is Nails Inc - Porchester Square

I got this in the ASOS sale for £6.95

In the bottle it looks like a taupey grey but on the nails its more grey than anything else. As usual it was even coverage and fully opaque after 2 coats but it did start chipping after a day. I love greys but I expected a bit more from this shade, it doesnt really stand out more than any other grey I own but overall, it's a good polish and I'm sure I'll be wearing it quite often.

Has anyone else tried the Magnetic Polish? Whats your fav of the three?

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Award #2

The lovely Zoe From gave me this award. If you havent already checked out her blog then go have a nosey and follow her. :]

With this award you:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave the award to you.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Send it along to 10 other bloggers and let them know you have awarded them!
I'm trying to think of 7 facts but there's nothing exciting I'm afraid. Here we go...
I'm afraid of the dark
I'm 5"2.5
I have the attention span of a brick
My tongue is double-jointed
I have a serious online shopping addiction
My eye's change colour all the time
I'm a 'nightmare' lol
The 10 bloggers I've picked are people who update regularly and I always make sure read their post's.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Haul'n - The Body Shop.

Helloooooo! It's daft o'clock and I cant sleep so thought I'd show a few things I ordered  from The Body Shop last week and they came today, I havent bought anything from TBS in like a million years but they had a sale on and I cant pass a sale. :]

Here's 5 of the thing's I got, I also got shampoo and conditioner from the new Rainforest range but I want to do a seperate post for those.

The first thing I got is the limited edition White Musk Libertine Eau De Toilette. 30ml £9
'A bold new twist on musk, this sensual eau de toilette features a heady blend of cruelty-free musks at its top, heart and base, with sweet notes of Turkish delight, baby orchid and Chantilly cream.'
This was a weird buy for me, White Musk reminds me of when I was wee, I was in love with this scent and could have easily spent all my time (and money) in TBS. As I got older tho, I started liking other perfumes and white musk was soon forgotten BUT.. it's limited edition, was on sale and is in a nice pinky glass bottle. Everyone knows it's impossible to pass up anything that is Limited Edition, on sale and pink! I got the Body Mist aswell.. 100ml, £7.

The next thing I got - Vanilla Body Mist, 100ml £7.

'The deliciously sweet scent of vanilla in an all-over body spray. Perfect for warmer days.'
I know some people hate sweet scents but I love them, even more so in winter. I'm always on the prowl for a true vanilla, some just smell so synthetic. If anyone knows any I should check out, let me know. :]

Facial Brush With Lid - £3

'This round brush can be used with cleansers, facial washes and exfoliators.'
  • Enhances cleansing

  • Shaped to follow facial contours

  • I ordered 3 of these.. I dont really know why, I just did. Used it tonight and my face really felt clean after but I would save it for once a week only.. the bristles feel really soft but once they're on your face you can really feel them. I'm going to use it a few more times before making my mind up but if it's good, it will save me a fortune not having to buy Elemis, Liz Earle and Gatineau exfoliators.

    100% Natural Lip Roll-On, 10ml, £4

    'Made from 100% natural ingredients, this roll-on liquid lip balm leaves lips feeling soft and totally kissable. It has a tropical coconut flavour.
    50P of each purchase goes to help the most marginalised and vulnerable children around the world, those literally on the edge'
    This is a liquid lip-balm and comes in 5 diff flavours.. coconut, mint, orange, rose and berry. The roller ball is metal, it feels gorgeous and cooling on the lips. It's a mix between an oil, balm and gloss but I love how it feel's, it smells and tastes beaut aswell. the only bad points (for me) .. the packaging, very basic and not much to look and you need to reapply quite often  but it is very moisturisng. The price is brilliant and it's bigger than most lipbalms so should last a long time.

    When i placed my order the Limited Edition White Musk perfume and body mist were 30% off, I had a £10 discount code and free delivery too so saved quite a bit. :]

    Has anyone else been lovin TBS lately?

    Cleansers - Most Used.

    For many people, cleansing is the most boring part of their skincare regime and for that reason they just wash their face with any old cleanser. It doesnt matter what cleanser you use, you're just rinsing it straight off again right? wrong!

    Up untill a few years ago I never gave much thought when choosing a face wash and 9 times out of 10 I would just buy face-wipes, they're quick, easy and cheap but they dont clean your face properly, all they do is smear makeup/natural oils and everything else all over your skin, only removing the surface dirt.

    I always got random dry patches, my makeup wouldnt apply properly, would look awful and my skin just didnt look or feel very nice. I tried 100s of drugstore cleansers but they just made the problems worse, my skin would always feel striped, tight, irritated and look very red. I had heard/read about Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish for years but for some reason never purchased it, then when I was about 19/20 I decided to try it and I'm so glad I did!

    This cleanser is one that I will always re-purchase, I chop and change my cleansers quite a bit, just because I like to see if there is anything better out there but I always come back to Liz Earle. It doesnt strip my skin, is a brilliant eye makeup remover, doesnt irritate my eyes [which are very sensitive] the muslin cloth gently buffs your skin, removing any dead, dull skin cells and you're left with skin that feels moisturised, plump, smooth, soft and glowing. It smells of eucalyptus but isnt overpowering, suits all skin types and it is reasonably priced, compared to some other brands.

    Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

    I always buy the 100ml size because it comes in the pump bottle. It costs £13.75 for the starter kit. It is a cream cleanser, you massage it into your face and it melts off any makeup/dirt etc then remove with the muslin cloth. Most people have tried this already but if you havent and you're on the hunt for a new cleanser, I would definately recommend this.

    Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser (150ml) RRP: £27.60

    To me, this is basically the same as Cleanse & Polish.. same cream cleanser,  same pump tube, same removal method except you get an Elemis mitt instead of a muslin cloth [which I actually prefer] and it has anti-ageing ingredients. I really like this cleanser but its not the best for removing mascara, that might not be a big deal to some people but I just hate and wont use a seperate makeup remover before cleansing. If I'm wearing makeup I'll do a double cleanse. The most noticable difference between the 2 cleansers is the price.. quite a big price jump! I wouldnt purchase this on it's own but QVC sell some great Elemis kit's that include this cleanser and it works out so much cheaper.

    Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash, 200ml RRP: £27.60

    This cleanser cant be used around the eye area. After using your usual cleanser you use this, it has a slighly cooling effect on the skin and stimulates the skins natural cell renewal cycle, smoothing and refining whilst sloughing away dead skin cells which dull the complexion. I've only been using this for about 2 months but havent been religious with it so maybe thats why I havent noticed a big diference. It helps to smooth lumpy bumpy skin and even skin tone, acne scarring etc. When using this you have to use SPF30!

    I alternate between Liz Earle cleanse & polish and  Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser, usually using both Elemis cleansers at night. My skin can be a nightmare at times with sensitivity but these are the cleansers that really work for me.

    Using the right cleanser makes a huge difference to how your skin behaves. If you're cleansing wrong then everything you apply to your face after is going to go wrong.

    What are your HG cleansers?

    Tuesday, 18 October 2011

    October Glossybox And Mini Review.

    Last Month we all got our Glossybox on the 15th, I think? So from about the 13th I had been checking blogs & youtube to see if anyone had got their's yet. By monday a good few people had uploaded vids of what they'd got but mine still wasnt here, I kept checking the porch and started to think I probably wouldnt get mine untill tues, wasnt amused but it got here by late afternoon.

    It's sad how excited we get over it, isnt it? I was hoping I'd get the same products as the few youtubers who had uploaded vid's of the contents. Hate how Glossybox usually send people different things, even when I'm happy with my stuff I still get major product envy if someone gets something else. As far as I know, we all got the same this month apart from the nail colour.

    Leighton Denny Expert Nails -  'Beautifully groomed hands and feet are always in fashion and with Leighton Denny Nail Colours its easy to keep them that way' I really like Leighton Denny lacquers and have loads [i'll do swatches in another post] so I was excited to see this on the info card but when I saw the colour I was just like 'meh' it didnt float my boat, I dont do orange and never would have bought it. I chucked it to one side and forgot about it. Few hours later I painted one nail with it, just to see what it's like.. it's actually not that bad and doesnt offend my eyes as much as it does in the bottle. I wouldnt wear it all the time but I'm sure it'l come in handy at some point. the colour I got is 'Hanky-Panky' It's full size (12ml) and cost's £11

    Dermalogica Age Smart Renewal Lip Complex With beauty Bag - 'A daily treatment that restores the delicate lip tissue.' I really Love this and will definitely buy the full size! It's looks like a gloss, smells lovely, feels nice on the lips and sorts out any dryness. Full size is 1.75ml and costs £22.50, sample size is 1ml. I've saw this on a few sites for around £16.

    Dermalogica Age Smart MultiVitamin Thermafoliant - 'A powerfull skin polisher that combines physical and chemical exfoliants.' I tried this tonight, the gritty exfoliator bits are super fine and theres loads of them, you can almost not even see them but it really does exfoliate. Theres nothing worse than an exfoliator that feels as if you're chasing 2 grains around your face, there will be no grain chase with this one, it does what it says. my face felt lovely and smooth after but not sore, stripped, blotchy or anything like that. Oh, and it heats up slightly aswell. This is a 15ml sample, full size is 75ml and costs £40.50 that price for a 75ml exfoliator is just madness! I really like it but needless to say, I wont be buying the full size.

    Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque - 'A powerfull masque of concentrated antioxidant vitamins to help skin recover and regenerate.' I havent tried this yet but it says apply it once a week or whenever skin requires a soothing remedy, leave on for 10-15mins, avoiding eye area then remove with water. Sample size 15ml. Full size is 70ml and costs £33.00

    Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner  (in Moray) - 'Stila's highly pigmented, waterproof eye liner glides on delivering intense, vibrant colour with staying power.' This is a greeny, mossy, goldy, browny colour. I think it's a colour that'd suit everyone. It really does glide on and stays put, I tried it on my water line, it didnt budge and I didnt have to keep dragging it along to get any colour. The only bad thing though, and maybe its just me but it did irritate my eye, made it watery and quite red. This is another full size product and costs £13.

    Rober Piguet Eau De Parfums - 'Fracas de Robert Piguet, Visa de Robert Piguet and Calypso de Robert Piguet are three Signature scents from the most Parisian of fashion designers.' this month we got 3 perfume samples (lucky us) honestly, the less said about these perfumes the better. Full size 50ml and costs £65.

    Glossybox done well this month, I was a happy bunny.

    I havent gone into detail about what Glossybox is or what it looks like, I'm sure everyone knows by now. For anyone who doesnt know..

    Did we all get the same eyeliner colour?

    Monday, 17 October 2011

    Nails Inc - Electric Teal, Dupe.

    Just a quick post and a sloppy paint job...
    Top 2 nails, Nails Inc - Electric Teal
    Last 2 nails, H&M - Moody Model

    In person you cant tell the difference between the two colours, in the pic though, Electric Teal looks slightly lighter. Nails Inc wins for most even coverage between the 2 but if you love teals and wanted to go for one of these lacquers, I'd say save yourself some pennies and head to H&M. :]


    Sunday, 16 October 2011

    Foundation Brush Help.

    Heylooooo! Last year I got sick of wearing foundation, I was fed up with it either being too heavy, patchy, dry, greasy etc so I went for tinted moisturiser instead. My skin isnt too bad so I dont have to worry too much about coverage and I much prefer the light barely there feel of a TM over cakey foundation. I just use my fingers to apply it coz I'm lazy :] but I've got the foundation Buzz again, there's a few I've got my eye on and I'm gona restart my search for the perfect foundation.

    Last year I bought a new MAC foundation brush but it must have grew leg's and ran off, I cant find it anywhere! anyway... as I'm sure you all know, MAC brushes are seriously overpriced and I just cant justify spending a small fortune on another one.

    I've heard good things about sigma brushes, has anyone tried them? Are they yay or nay? If theres any other good quality brushes that dont cost the earth then let me know please and also, whats your holy grail foundation?


    NOTD. Orly - Lola xo

    I've had this on for about 4 days now, there is no chipping or tip wear yet which is unusual for me. You can just see where it is growing away from the cuticles. I got this Lacquer in my Feelunique Beauty Box, It's my first time trying Orly and I will def be trying more.

    To make the colour more true to the shade in the bottle I used O.P.I Alpine Snow as the base-coat, 2 coats of Orly then the BarryM top-coat.

    I had full coverage in 2 coats, dried quick, kept it's gloss and even tho it's only a 5.3ml mini the brush applied the lacquer evenly.

    If you havent tried Orly yet, you def should.

    Saturday, 15 October 2011

    Blog Award's.

    I was all chuffed today when I saw that Zoe from had given me this award. :] go check her out and follow her, she updates regularly, which is always good. :]

    This is the 1st I've seen this award but the idea is to pick 5 blogs with less than 200 followers, blogs which you think deserve to have more and once you've listed them, go and tell them so they can do the same.

    heres my top 5...

    Thursday, 13 October 2011

    Want, Want, Want, Want

    I placed an order on ASOS  a few days ago, just ordered a few wee things and was quite pleased at myself for not going overboard and filling my basket to within an inch of it's life BUT, I was having a read through and saw the gorgeous pair of boots she'd got. I went straight on to ASOS again to see whatelse I'd missed........ I'd missed quite alot and now want everything. So this is like a wish/need/want/lust list?

    Carvela Gallant Multicolour Platform Sandals - £130 reduced to £78


    River Island 70s Platform Heel Boots - £100 reduced to £60

    ASOS ACT Suede & Snake Effect Platform Boot - £75 reduced to £45 [i want them in black too]

    Chinese Laundry Studded Suede Platform Shoe - £95 reduced to £52 [I want the nude ones aswell]

    I need to cut this list short and go cut up my bank card.
    I love Booties, I love platforms, I love sales... My bank account doesnt.

    Tuesday, 11 October 2011

    The Big 5ive 0h GIVEAWAY

    Ok so I'm going to have a giveaway soon.
    This week I will upload photos of the prizes, there will be a winner and a runner up. All you have to do is follow me and leave your email addy in the comments of the follow up blog. Once there is 50 followers and comments I will randomly pick 2 people and send them an email. Please dont leave loads of comments, one per person.

    I will obviously need the addresses of whoever wins but if you're not comfortable giving out info like that then please dont enter but dont worry, I promise I'm not a stalker or anything like that! lol

    I think that's everything but if anyone has questions then use this blog to ask them. :]

    Recent Obsession.

    For the last few weeks I've been really, really, really into necklaces [nothing new there]  but instead of my usual chunky statement types, I've been loving short, thin chains with teeny weeny cute pendants.

    I got 2 from Debenhams not long ago then last night I found a few more on
    I decided to order three as they're all reduced to £4

    ASOS has a half price or less sale on at the min.

    My order hasnt came yet but here's what I got....

    Gogo Philip Cross Charm Necklace


    Gogo Philip Swallow Charm Necklace

    Gogo Philip Heart Charm Necklace

    I also ordered a Nails Inc Polish, it was reduced to £6.95

    Nails Inc - Porchester Square
    I have loads of similar colours so ordering this wasnt urgent but why not when it was £6.95 instead of the usual £11.I got a few more bits & pieces but I'll save them for another post. Is anyone else loving these types of necklaces?

    Sunday, 9 October 2011

    Blog Sale, Maybe?

    I'm completely obsessed with skin-care, even more than makeup! Over the last few weeks I've bought loads of moisturisers, masks, cleansers, eye makeup remover, exfoliators etc. Theres enough to keep me going untill I'm atleast 50! no joke, but theres so many more things I want to buy & try so I thought maybe I should have a blog sale. would anyone be interested? First though I need to set up paypal, at the min I'm clueless about it all. I heard theres charges & all sorts?

    anyway.. heres a list of some of the things I'll be selling.

    Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask
    Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream
    Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Night Cream
    Elemis Tri-Enzyme Gel Mask
    Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover
    Perricone Nutritive Cleanser
    Victoria Jackson 12 Piece Lip Gloss Set
    Mavala Nail Hardener
    Benefit Smokin' Eyes Kit
    Bio Sculpture Quick Dry Nails Spray
    Mini Nails Inc Lacquers
    Laura Geller Lip Gloss

    There's far more but that's all I can remember of the top of my head.
    Some items have been used once or twice, or brand new but I'll post individual details when I upload the photos & prices.

    So let me know if you're interested. :]

    Hot Water Bottles

    It's been really cold lately & it's only going to get colder. Last winter my hot water bottles were my best friend's, I hate being cold! I've just been having a look & found some really cute ones from

    Fashy Hello Kitty Microwavable Warmer £13

    Aroma Home Knitted Snuggle Hottie Bunny Rabbit £25

    Aroma Home Knitted Snuggle Hottie Cat £25
    Aroma Home Knitted Snuggle Hottie Dog £25

    These are all microwavable warmers, not actual hot water bottles. They are soooooo cute but really, would anyone spend £25 on one?
    Any microwavable ones that I've had in the past didnt even stay warm for long.


    I've neglected my beloved darks for what seems like forever, so decided go for O.P.I - My Private Jet today. Cant even remember the last time I wore this, must be well over a year!

    I was in love with this colour at first but after seeing the original version all over blogs, this newer one just seems a bit bleh to me now. I still really like it but ya know what its like, ya always want what you know youl probably never get. I wont bother getting all dramantic over how I NEED, yes, NEED the older version but does anyone know where I could maybe pick one up, or a good dupe??

    Here it is on my nails, please ignore the hands of death...

    Bio Sculpture Base & Top Coat, 3 coat's of MPJ.

    Saturday, 8 October 2011

    Nails Inc Electric Lane Holographic Top Coat.

    Just a short post :]

    I've had my eye on this lacquer for a while now...

    I've only saw swatches online, I liked it but it wasnt how I imagined it would look & I'm just wondering is it really holographic or just a glorified glitter? I usually love everything about Nails Inc but dont want to spend £12 unless it's a true holographic. Does anyone have any true to life swatches of this? Everytime I go online I nearly order it but the fear of having yet another unwanted glitter in my stash puts me off.

    Friday, 7 October 2011

    October FeelUnique Beauty Box.

    So, its been the battle of the beauty boxes lately but a few weeks ago was the first id heard of the one from FeelUnique.
    Im already subscribed to Glossybox, last month was my first box from them & I was really pleased with everything [except the plum perfume sample] Id thought about signing up for Boudoir Prive aswell but dont like the idea of getting tea-bags etc Ive read a few reviews & the products look great but I just think it seems more suited for people a bit older than me.

    Im not going to blabber on about the 'box' .. it's black, pink & gorgeous!
    When i opened it the first thing I saw was a Burberry perfume sample. I cant stand getting perfume samples, anyone could go over to a perfume counter & get it for free so I dont really see the point in it but then i saw there was 6 products all together, the perfume sample wasnt mentioned on the info card, it had just been thrown in as an extra. :] Im not usually a fan of burberry but this isnt bad, quite strong but not overpowering. The theme of the October box is pre-winter warmers...

    Bliss fabulous foaming face wash - 60ml.

    'A two-in-one oil-free exfoliating wash for all skin types, this fresh, fruity cleanser contains rose hip extract, milk thistle, passion flower & chamomile. Splash your face & neck, massage, rinse well & follow with a moisturiser' I'd heard of all these brands, but had only tried two of them. Ive been meaning to buy this cleanser for a looooong time but im on a mission to use up all my opened products and just never got around to it. I reckon 50ml of this would last a good few weeks. full size 197mls & £18.40

    TIGI Catwalk sleek Mystique Straight Collection Blow Out Balm - 90ml.

    'Inspired by the mysteries of the orient, this blow out balm gives a smooth, glossy, frizz free finish without sacrificing natural fullness. for the perfect blow out, smooth balm through hair & blow-dry in sections using a round or paddle brush.' There are very few serums/balms that i actually like, most seem to make my hair feel dirty & bleh so its good that I'm getting to try this, I never would have even looked at it nevermind buy it but maybe I'll end up loving it. full size - 90ml & costs £10.35

    Crabtree & evelyn India Hicks Island Living Spider Lily Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy - 25g.

    'Escape the busy demand of your day with the exotic scent of an island paradise. A lightweight shea butter formula blended with conditioning macadamia nut oil and aloe that soothes and moisturises. A luxurious way to keep your hands soft.' I was excited to see this, Ive never tried anything from Crabtree & Evelyn and Im on a hand-cream binge at the min! £14 for 100g.

    Orly Nails Lacquer -5.3ml.

    'Slick on a bold hue for high impact color and shine. This exciting and durable nail colour is on trend for all occasions! Fast drying, Long-lasting, high gloss nail colours free of DBP, Formaldehyde & Toulene. Apply 2 coats after a basecoat and finish with a top coat.' Im not sure if everyone got sent the same colour but mine is called Lola, its a pretty pinky, reddy, coral. I tried this out quickly.. application is even, nice brush, nails were opaque after 2 coats & it dried really quickly but it's more of a summery colour and its almost halloween. I'll still wear it tho, even if its just on my toes. I want to try more Orly lacquers, any colours I should look out for? £8.75 for 18ml.

    Caudalie Vinexpert Radiance Day Fluid SPF10 - 10ml.

    'This energising fluid with SPF10 offers complete firming, protective and anti-wrinkle action along with optimum moisture to ensure a glowing complexion all day long.' Ive read good reviews about this brand so cant wait to try it. I want to use up my other moisturisers first tho so it probably wont be for a few months. Has anyone tried this before? £30.60 for 30ml.

    Burberry Body Eau De Parfum - 2ml.

    Not a perfume I'd buy for myself but it's definatly worth a sniff!

    Theres a 10% discount code for all brands featured in this beauty box - BBOCT10 it's only valid untill 31/10/11

    The FeelUnique Beauty Box is £9.95 a month. I was pleased with everything & will stay subscribed.