Friday, 3 February 2012

Latest In Beauty, Numero Deux.

Just a quick post before bed. I'm lovin' the little sample beauty box from Latest In Beauty, this is my 2nd box and for the cost of a quid, I'm more than happy to receive sachets (the samples arent always in sachets, sometimes they're tiny tubes/pots. Cute!). You get to pick which products you would like to try and theres always enough for more than one use. I'm not a fan of using product from a sachet, it means the sachets left unsealed and the cream goes all gunky but I've figured out an easy way around that problem and will probably do a post on it which may be pointless as I'm sure most people would have already thought of it.

The samples I chose this month are...

Lavera My Age Concentrated Lifing Serum x5

Dr.Organic Rose Otto Body Lotion x2

Lavera Eye Gel x4

I know this wont be everyones cuppa tea but if you like to try different products, like, every 5 minutes then go have a wee nosey on the site. You fill out a beauty profile, from that info they select which products would be best suited to you then you get to choose the ones you want.


  1. I love the £1 boxes. I'm awaiting one. The Dr Organic Rose Otto Body Lotion is lovely x

  2. Last month was the first £1 box I'd tried, found a wee gem that I'll definately buy full size of.