About Me

A Twenty-Something, Cosmetics Hoarding, Skin Care Enthusiast, Obsessed With Painting My Nails.

Skin care is my main love, 'obsessed' doesnt even begin to cover it. I could talk about skincare all day and  love nothing more than trying out the next big thing. I've tried and tested a lot of skin care over the years and hope my reviews will help you decide what may or may not work best for you.

I'm really interested in natural products, I try to avoid parabens and other nasties wherever I can but unfortunately they haven't been completely eliminated from my routine just yet.
My love doesnt stop at skin care - make up, hair care and nails also occupy my mind 24/7. :)


-My skin is sensitive and dehydrated but not dry. I get the odd hormonal breakout along with an oily t-zone. 
 -My hair is naturally wavy, coloured, thick and long. My midlengths/ends are dry but my roots get greasy quickly and my scalp is easily irritated.

Trialling Products:

I trial skin care products for atleast a month before giving my review. I don't feel a couple of weeks is long enough to get a true feel for the product as your skin is still getting used to it and bad reactions can still happen after a week or two.