Thursday, 27 February 2014

February 2014: Used, Abused & Reviewed.

It's that time of the month again when I finally get to put my rubbish in the bin. 

Yuko Anti-Frizz Shampoo* & Conditioner*: I adore this shampoo, was really sad when I used up the last drop but it did last a long time as it's so concentrated and does tame frizz as it claims. The conditioner I could live without, I've tried better but the shampoo adds an instant moisture boost and makes my hair feel in brilliant condition. See my full review here.
Repurchase? I'll definitely repurchase the shampoo.

Klorane Shampoo With Desert Date: Another brilliant shampoo and one of my Paris purchases but I'm sure it can be found online. The scent isn't something I loved but as it's designed for dry, damaged brittle hair it instantly made my hair feel softer so I can live with the scent.
Repurchase? Yes.

La Roche-Posay Serozinc: If you're wanting skin that looks and feels clear and clean, look no further. Unlike most products that leave the skin feeling really clean, it isn't drying in the slightest. Still not sure I get the hype though, it hasn't been life changing for me but it's definitely a product I enjoy using.
Repurchase? Have one more bottle left in the cupboard.

LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel: Every year I tell myself I'm not going to buy another bottle of this but in a moment of madness I left LUSH with a small 100g bottle. I love sweet scents but this is just too much for me and that's saying something. It's so strong that it caught the back of my throat every time I used it. What started off as a nice relaxing shower always ended with a coughing fit.
Repurchase? No, and I mean it this time.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser: I like Philosophy, the products are fun and usually smell gorgeous but this cleanser smells anything but pleasant. It's a basic cleanser that gets the job done but when you look at the ingredients and price, they don't match up.
Repurchase? No

Balm Balm Indulge Bath & Shower Oil*: This is the only Balm Balm product I've tried, I think. It came in a Love Me Beauty box not too long ago and I really enjoyed using it. Bath oils go such a long way, I got around 3 baths out of this tiny 5ml bottle and it smells exactly like one of the oils from Aromatherapy Associates. 
Repurchase? Maybe.

Original Source Vanilla Milk & Raspberry Shower Gel: When it comes to affordable shower gel, Original Source is my favourite. The Mint & Tea Tree version is probably my fave but this one was gorgeous too and much more moisturisng. Original Source products contain SLS but for some reason I never have a bad reaction.
Repurchase? Yes.

Have you tried any of these products?

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*PR sample

Saturday, 8 February 2014

February 2014: Love Me Beauty Box

It's my favourite time of the month again! This month is the Love Me Beauty Valentines Day box and as always, there was a choice of 3 different menu's to choose from. I went for menu 1* which includes...

Percy & Reed No-Fuss Flawlessness Dry Conditioner, RRP: 12 (full size): Dry conditioner always makes me think 'whaaaaaaat?!' We're all familiar with dry shampoo and know it works by soaking up any oil in the hair so the concept of a dry conditioner just didn't make sense to me BUT after having a wee read, it all makes sense now. Dry conditioner can be used on freshly washed hair to add a gorgeous glossy shine to even very dry hair. It adds softness and apparently reduces breakage caused by brushing. I have a small sample of this hanging around somewhere, think it's about time I started using it.

La Claree Smooth Day Face Care, 7ml sample, RRP: 28 for 50ml: I love trying out brands I've never heard of before so was pleased to see La Claree featured in this months box. I went for the day cream option which claims to nourish the skin and optimize collagen production.

Bakewell Soap Company Multi-Purpose Pocket Balm In 'May Chang', RRP: 3.95 (full size): Another brand I hadn't heard of before and who doesn't love a multi-purpose product. This balm can be used almost anywhere - lips, hands, nails and body. It's rich in Omega 3 and 6, and packed with anti-inflammatories. I went for the May Chang option as it contains astringent citrus oils that help repair damaged skin.

Inner Me Beautify Me Vitamin Complex, RRP: 15: InnerMe's ultimate beauty supplement for skin, hair and nails. I'm on several different medications and always steer clear of things like this but I have someone whose willing to take them off my hands.

Art Deco Hydra Lip Booster '39', RRP: 11.50 (full size): The Art Deco Hydra Lip Booster  made an appearance in November's box (I recieved a different shade link) and has been brought back as this months mystery product as subscribers claimed it was their favourite product from Love Me Beauty. I wouldn't say it's my favourite product from all the boxes but it is a lovely gloss and I'm happy to have a deeper shade.

Once again there's no sachet samples or tiny perfume vials in sight. The box includes a nice mixture of products too - skin care, hair care, make up and supplements. Nothing about it screams Valentines to me but that suits me fine, the last thing a single pringle like me wants to receive is the likes of massage oil.

Are you subscribed to Love Me Beauty?
What do you think of the contents this month?

Love Me Beauty Box costs 10 quid plus p&p from lovemebeauty.comL

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Friday, 7 February 2014

Make Up Store Slim Lipstick 'Sheer 108'

Make Up Store is a brand which has only been on my radar since I started blogging and up until a few weeks back I hadn't tried any products but the reviews I've read always seem to be positive. There are 130 stores in 20 countries worldwide but it isn't a brand I've ever came across in Northern Ireland. The only UK store is on Carnaby Street, London.

Make Up Store Slim Lipstick 'Sheer 108' is probably the most confusing lipstick I own but in a good way. When I think of sheer lipsticks a couple of things spring to mind - feeble pigmentation paired with really bad staying power. Yes the coverage is sheer, you won't get an opaque colour with this lippy but what you will get is an absolutely gorgeous, vibrant lip look that still packs a punch and lasts hours. The staying power is fantastic thanks to the balmy yet stiff (can't think of a better word to explain what I mean) texture plus the colour gives your lips that healthy, just bitten look paired with a natural I've-Just-Exfoliated-My-Lips shine. Whilst it feels hydrating like a balm, it isn't slippy or glossy, nor is the colour wishy washy or patchy and it wears off evenly. Even the packaging gets a big thumbs up, it's a sleek, black matte metal with Make Up Store written in a glossy finish and different sizes.

It doesn't happen often but I have nothing bad to say about this lippy and hope that in the not too distant future it'll be easier for me to get my hands on more products from the brand.

'Sheer 108' will be available from early March.

Do you know of any websites that stock Make Up Store and ship to the UK?
Have you tried the Slim Lipsticks?

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pur Minerals Mineral Mudd Masque

It's no secret that I love the CC Cream from Pur Minerals (review) but this is my first dabble with any skin care from the brand. Unlike most mud masks, this Mineral Mudd Masque* can be left on the skin for upto half an hour or if you're in a rush, 2 minutes will do the job. The results won't be quite as impressive but 2 minutes still give this muddy miracle enough time to work some magic.

When this stuff tightens, it tightens, to the point where I feel/look like I've had a face lift. My eyebrows almost reach my hair line and talking is near impossible (funny to watch in a mirror) once removed my face returns to normal but feels smoother, tighter and looks clearer. The only downside for me with mud masks is that they tend to be quite drying on the skin so for that reason I never leave it on for longer than 20 minutes, I allow it to fully dry before removing which is usually around 15/20 minutes. Your skin type will depend on how often you need to use this mask but twice a week seems to be perfect for me. On Sunday's I apply it all over my face avoiding the eye area and on Wednesday's I apply it only to my t-zone.

Removing this mask can be quite tricky. I find the easiest, quickest way is to soak a flannel in warm water and leave it on my face for around a minute to loosen the mud before I try to remove it.

Have you tried this Mineral Mudd Masque?

Pur Minerals Mineral Mudd Masque 25 quid for 120g available from

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

January 2014: Love Me Beauty Box

You might be wondering why I'm posting about January's Love Me Beauty* box in February. I usually get the posts up asap but the first box I was sent didn't show up *shakes fist at postie* so I had to wait for a replacement. Some of you may still be interested to see what was in last months box (choice of 3 different menu's every month) so here we go...

Weleda Sea Buckhorn Body Oil, 10ml sample, RRP: 15.99 for 100ml: I'm a huge fan of Weleda, the products are affordable yet effective and a little goes a long way. Think I've tried this body oil before, can't remember if it was the Sea Buckhorn version but I know I liked it

NYX Single Eyeshadow 'Red Head', RRP: 5 (full size): I was really excited to receive a NYX shadow but an orange/red eye shadow wearer I am not, so this will be passed on to someone who will get some use from it. I've heard great things about NYX shadows but as a replacement box had to be sent out I didn't receive the shade I chose.

Anatomicals Rose & Jasmine Body Cleanser, RRP: 3 (full size): If you've been a reader of this blog for a while now you'll know I have a bit of a 'thing' for body washes, and rose. Luckily for me, I can't detect any jasmine.

Cosmetics A La Carte Divine Lash Mascara 'Black', RRP: 23 (full size): My favourite item from this months box which surprised me as it has the type of wand I usually hate. I'm all about big wands but this is very thin with short plastic bristles. It combs through the lashes adding colour and length, holds a curl well too. I still prefer my Revlon Grow Luscious mascara as it adds more volume so for me, Divine Lash makes the perfect lower lash mascara.

Pureology Colour Stylist Silk Bodifier, 65ml sample, RRP: 15 for 250ml: Mousse is something I'm lacking in my hair cupboard. Most I've tried leave my hair feeling stiff and looking dull but this one from Pureology claims to infuse hair with volume, shine and softness while protecting and maximising the vibrancy of colour treated hair. I know a lot of people struggle to find a decent mousse so I'll report back.

What do you think of January's box?
Which menu did you go for?

Love Me Beauty Box 10 quid plus p&p from

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