Thursday, 31 October 2013

Punk For Grown-Ups

The catwalks have spoken and punk is back with a suitably loud bang. While we're excited, this news will come as no surprise to some of the icons who inspired the rebellious style in the first place. The original poster girl of rock 'n' roll, Blondie singer Debbie Harry still wears her bleached hair and bright make-up with pride, while The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde has also been rocking the look since her heyday, sporting a distinctive heavy fringe and skinny jeans.

Both over sixty these women are proof that the newly-revived trend isn't only for the younger generation. The trick is to find age-appropriate and flattering clothes that won't make you feel like you're reliving your teenage years. Whether you're looking for a specific item or want to develop a whole look, check out our quick guide on punk for grown-ups.

Leather jacket

A classic biker jacket can give you the rock look in an instant. A longer-line feminine cut will flatter your figure, while an asymmetric exposed front zip adds a dash of attitude. For extra punk style, look out for studded lapels and chain details. Whether you go all-out or choose subtle hints, shop this season’s 
must-have leather jackets.

Skinny jeans

Not just for the under-20s, the right cut of skinnies can suit any figure. Choose a high-waisted black pair which are both flattering and current, and wear with a loose top and heels. If you're feeling risqué, swap denim for lustrous black leather trousers to add rock star glamour - just make sure to combine them with a simple, well-fitted top. 


All the punks were rocking this bold print the first time around, so take it to a more grown up level. Leave the miniskirts to the kids, and go for a more mature approach, accentuating with small hints on handbags and boots.

Shoes and accessories

Luckily you don't need to sport a pair of chunky Doc Marten's to follow the trend: a punk look can be created with studded pointy heels and black tights. Accessories are a great way to get a more subtle effect - keep the punk to your bags, gloves and jewellery by adding a zip here and a chain there, and you'll be feeling fierce and looking fabulous in no time. 

*Guest post

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Current Cleanser: NUXE Melting Cleansing Gel With Rose Petals

My current cleanser of choice is NUXE Melting Cleansing Gel with Rose Petals. Unlike the Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub, this is one of the products I had on my to buy list. It's available in the UK though so if you fancy the sound of it, you can easily purchase a tube.

NUXE isn't a brand I know a lot about, I've only tried one or two products, so, for blogging purposes and because my cleanser stash was running low I decided to try something different and went for this rose scented cleanser. For some reason I was expecting the texture to be a very light balm. I know it's called Melting Cleansing Gel but the melting part made me imagine a balm. The texture is gel but not like any other gel cleanser I've tried before. It's almost like a cross between a lotion and gel, and an opaque light cream/pink shade. The directions say to massage it on to wet skin but I apply it as I would a cleansing balm, adding water after giving my face a good massage first and remove it with a flannel. It removes makeup well and a double cleanse removes mascara completely. This cleanser is designed for people with normal to combination sensitive skin which I definitely agree with. Although I don't find it drying, I imagine anyone with very dry skin would need something more noursihing like a balm but for most skin types it makes a great AM cleanser. It feels light, fresh and doesn't leave any residue behind.

The rose scent is quite strong. If you don't like anything rosy, you won't like this. I was expecting the scent to irritate my eyes but it hasn't at all, same goes for my skin. Again, I can't remember how much I paid but I know it was a lot more than it is in the UK. Why is Paris so expensive? I was expecting the French brands to be so much cheaper over there but no.

Have you tried this cleanser?

NUXE Melting Cleansing Gel with Rose Petals, 12 quid for 125ml from

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The Good & The Bad : Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub

One of the skin care products I picked up while in Paris was the Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub. It wasn't something I was planning on buying and I mainly rely on chemical exfoliants now as I find actual scrubs can dry my skin out and feel too harsh but I've heard good things about Avene products from people with sensitive skin. 

Anyone who likes scrubs such as St Ives, this isn't for you.

Avene claim that this scrub is effective yet gentle and will eliminate impurities gently with it's exfoliating micro-beads causing no irritation to sensitive skin. It uses something called a Keratoregluating agent which stimulates skin cell renewal and can also help with minor skin imperfections. As promised, the micro-beads are gentle, they don't scratch the skin. The beads are held within a light gel which feels cooling and one rinsed off, my skin feels fresh and smooth. I don't experience any redness when using this scrub and would recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin who prefers a manual exfoliator but at the same time I wouldn't - The tube claims to hold 50ml of product but mine was just over half full (30ml max) plus it was sealed so I know no-one had used it before me. I can't remember how much I paid but I know it wasn't cheap. It hasn't helped to even my skin tone or help with minor imperfections so for that reason I more than likely won't be in any rush to repurchase a half empty product.

 If you've tried this before let me know if you had the same problem.

Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub is on offer right now at 

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Monday, 28 October 2013

The Pale Girls Contour: Dainty Doll Cream Blush 'Billion Dollar Babies'

I use the excuse of being pale as the reason for not being able to contour properly which is true to a certain extent but truthfully, I'm just cack handed. I don't contour all that often, who has time for that? But on the rare occasion I do, I almost always reach for Dainty Doll Billion Dollar Babies. Shades like NARS Douceur & Tarte Exposed can be used to contour on my skin tone too but Billion Dollar Babies is now my go-to face shaper.

This year Dainty Doll products have been popping up all over discount websites such as Fragrance Direct which is where I bought mine for under 2 quid, madness! It has now sold out but after a quick search online I found it on Amazon for under a fiver. Still a bargain. The reason Billion Dollar Babies works for me is simple - it isn't orange. It's an almost taupe-y, nude shade and creates really natural looking shadows anywhere you use it. It is a cream blush and that helps too, it's easier to blend and you can use your fingers instead of reaching for brushes when you're in a rush.

Billion Dollar Babies is one of those products I would never have bought if it wasn't reduced to such a low price. The colour does nothing for me in the pan but it's such a useful product to have.

What's your go-to product for contouring?
Did you get a few Dainty Doll Bargains?

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

October 2013: Used, Abused & Reviewed.

It's monthly empties post time again! :)

L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution: I really like this affordable micellar water from L'Oreal. It removes mascara really well and hasn't caused my sensitive skin any irritation. As aslways though, this is my eye make up remover only. I always follow up with a proper cleanse and wouldn't suggest anyone use micellar water as their sole cleanser.
Repurchase? There's already a bottle waiting in the cupboard. 

Beyonce Pulse: I wasn't so fond of 'Heat' but 'Pulse' is my guilty please. It's sweet without being sickly, it's more of a light, clean, fresh sweet scent if that makes any sense at all. The only thing I can't stand is the packaging. That horrendous huge silver lid goes straight to room 101 every time a buy a new bottle.
Repurchase? I always buy a bottle when it's on sale and have a brand spankin' new bottle (minus the lid) in my perfume stash.

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara 'Black': This mascara is my new favourite. It hasn't made a blind bit of difference to the condition or length of my lashes but it makes them look long, full, jet black and holds a curl all day. 
Repurchase? Definitely but I also want to try Le Volume De Chanel after Miss Boscy  recommended it.

Yonka Hydra No1 Serum & Cream x4, Masque x2*: These samples came in so handy this month while I was away a lot. I got over a weeks use from the serum & cream which came in 2 options - dry/sensitive and normal to oily. I didn't notice too much difference between the 2 formulas but if I had to pick which one I prefer I would have to go for dry/sensitive. They left my skin feeling really hydrated, didn't cause any irritation and I loved the texture. The masque on the other hand didn't suit my skin at all. When I first tried it out my cheeks where I have a lot of high colour instantly felt uncomfortable. They turned bright red and had a lot of heat coming from them so I had to rinse it off. I gave them to my mum who loved them though and is planning on buying a full size tube. Not sure what I reacted to but it's as shame as the masque was what I was most excited about trying.
Repurchase? The Hydra Cream & Serum for sensitive/dry skin, yes.

Santaverde Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel: This cleansing gel has been knocking around my beauty cupboard for quite some time now. It claims to be fragrance free but it smells like straight up apple juice which I love but will disappoint anyone who bought it based on it being fragrance free. I like this cleanser but don't love it, it left my skin feeling clean and never stripped but I have a real problem with the price. Yes Santaverde products are free from nasty ingredients but 22 quid for what can only be described as a basic cleanser just boggles my mind.
Repurchase? No.

Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oil x2 'Support Equilibrium'* and 'De-Stress Muscle'*: I received the Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection last year. You can read that post here I loved the collection but like most things, I moved on and forgot about these magical oils from Aromatherapy Associates but with it officially being bath weather my love for oil has reignited. Instead of using one full bottle for each bath I now manage to get 3 uses from each bottle.
Repurchase? Yes. I'm going to go for a big bottle but still trying to decide on which scent to go for.

Hydra Expert Cream by Soins Experts*: Confession - I didn't use this up but it's still worth a mention. This came in the BeTrousse Christmas Beauty Box and was pinched by my wee granny when her usual moisturiser came to an end. She loved this stuff! Said she could feel her skin tighten from the first use and used it religiously untill it was no more. I looked everywhere for this brand when I was in Paris to buy her another pot but sadly couldn't find it.
Repurchase? The granny would, without a doubt.

Fresh Skin Vanilla Fragrance Oil: I bought a few fragrance oils a while back to make my own room sprays. You can read that post here. Vanilla is one of my favourite scent but for some reason this fragrance oil didn't do it for me at all.
Repurchase? Yes but in a different scent.

Etat Pur Enoxolone 280*: Enoxolone 280 is designed for people with very reactive and irritated skin. It adds instant comfort and reduces redness while it's on the skin. I found it to be really effective but was hoping it would get rid of my redness forever which it sadly didn't.
Repurchase? Maybe but I want to try a few other products for reactive skin first.

Klorane Smoothing & Relaxing Eye Contour Patches (not pictured): These featured in my Paris Haul and I'm pleased to report they're very good. A lot better than any eye patches I've tried before. The box comes with 7 packets each containing 2 patches. I was starting to worry about running out but I've since found out they're available from escentual and are currently on sale! :) A full review will be up soon.
Repurchase? Yes.

Weleda Millet Nourishing Shampoo*: One of the products from this months Love Me Beauty Box was this travel size shampoo from Weleda. I shampoo my hair twice each time I wash it so was only able to get one use from this tube which isn't enough to know if I really love it or not but it did give my hair brilliant shine and left it soft.
Repurchase? Maybe at some point but it isn't high up on my list of things to buy.

Brow Gel: I have no idea what brand this is, the writing has worn off but I know it was cheap, as are all the clear brow gels I buy. It was fine, done the job.
Repurchase? I've gone for the Natural Collcection Brow Gel this time which is also super cheap.

Boots Essentials Cotton Wool Pads x2 & Boots Double Faced Round Pads: I like both but prefer the double faced pads. The Essentials Cotton Pads come apart easier and sometimes leave bits of lindt behind on my lashes but they're really cheap and always on offer.
Repurchase? I usually just buy what evers on offer.

Classics Nail Polish Remover: I know you can buy this in some chemists but it's also available in one of the pound shops (the one with the blue sign) It's a huge 400ml bottle which lasts ages but it also works really well. Not bad for a quid.
Repurchase? Already have.

Febreze Cranberries & Frost Limited Edition Candle: Who knew Febreze made such good candles? I didn't! Picked this up on a whim along with another scent for under 2 quid from Semi Chem. I love the scent and for such a small candle it really has a great scent throw. It has a cleaner burn that most of my Yankee Candles and smells great even when it's not lit. My only grumble is how much wax is left over when the wick has fully gone.
Repurchase? Yes.

Betty Crocker Home Fragrances Large Candle in Apple Spice: This has to be the worst candle ever. It's still practically full but the wick won't stay lit.
Repurchase? No.

Glade Candle: I've had this candle so long that I now can't even remember the scent and there's no label with the name anywhere on the glass. It smells floral to me so lets just say floral. Not a scent I normally go for and probably wouldn't buy it again but it did burn well, every single bit of wax has gone.
Repurchase? Maybe in a different scent.

L'Oreal Ever Riche Shampoo Sample x2: Everyone seems to love this shampoo but I can't stand the scent! It's so overpowering and synthetic. It worked fine but no better than other shampoo's I use.
Repurchase? No.

What have you used up this month?
Have you tried any of these products?

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*PR sample

Organic Surge First Class Mask

It's not very often I come across a face mask which claims to deep-cleanse and purify the skin and am actually able to use it. Readers of this blog will know I have sensitive skin, if a product is going to cause irritation, I'm most likely to feel it in my cheeks. I have a lot of dehydration and high colour in that area so for me, my cheeks are a good indicator of how good a product really is for sensitive skin.

Organic Surge First Class Mask* is a deep-cleansing mask which also nourishes the skin at the same time. Unlike most deep-cleansing masks, it hydrates the skin rather than than leaving it feeling taught and crying out for moisture. After cleansing and exfoliating I apply First Class Mask all over my face avoiding the eye area and leave it to work it's magic for around 15 minutes. During this time it dries slightly on the skin but doesn't turn solid and is easy to remove with a flannel and warm water which I think is one of the reasons my skin doesn't find it irritating as with most face masks of this type you almost need to scrub roughly at your face with a flannel to remove it. When rinsing you can feel how nourishing the mask is, my hands felt slightly oily which is something I've never experienced with a deep-cleansing mask before. My skin looked brighter, smoother, cleaner and even by the next morning I was still amazed at how clear my skin looked. First Class Mask has a light, fresh lemon-y scent to it. The texture is like a lighter version of a cream cleanser and is white in colour.

My first experience with Organic Surge has been a good one. First Class Mask not only works well but is really affordable and free from ingredients such as parabens, synthetic fragrances and colourants.

Have you tried this mask?
Or any other products from Organic Surge?

Organic Surge First Class Mask, 8.49 from

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Love: Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil 'Strawberry Delish'

Just a quick post today. If you read this post you'll already know I'm a big fan of the Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencils from Sephora. Sadly most of the shades are shimmery in an OTT way but luckily the one that jumped out to me was completely shimmer free. Strawberry Delish is as comfortable and easy to wear as Gorgeous Peach. I really love the formula and with Strawberry Delish there's a slight staining effect, so, even after the glossy finish has worn off you're still left with colour on your lips making it a great one to use on nights out when you might be a bit tipsy and the fear of clown mouth stops you reapplying. 

What do you think of Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencils?
Do you own any?

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Friday, 25 October 2013

NOTD: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 'Ion'

I have a bit of a sickness, I can't go into a pound shop without buying at least one nail polish. Most of the time the colours look more than just a bit dodgy and have separated in the bottles but every now and then there are some lovely shades hidden away from new-ish collections and if crackle polishes from O.P.I are your thang, head to Poundworld/land now (I always get the 2 mixed up). I don't even like crackle polishes and almost bought a few just cause they were only a quid but then I realised I'll never wear them, making them not so much of a bargain for me. Instead I came away with 2 Sally Hansen Shades 'Sea' and 'Ion'

'Ion' was released in 2012 and I believe was created for Sally Hansen by Alexander Wang. The shade is described as stone-like, what an exciting description! But that's exactly what it is and I love it. I love a wide brush and the Complete Salon Manicure brushes are just that but they're also quite thick which I imagine could make for a messy paint job for anyone with narrow nail beds but for me it was fine. As with most polishes, one coat left a streaky finish but the second coat evened everything out.

Products Used:
Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Base Coat
Sally Hansen 'Ion' (2 coats)
Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat

Do you own this shade?
Are you a pound shop nail polish magpie?

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Lately I've Been Lovin #12

I haven't shared my favourites since July, can you beleeeeeeve it?! So this post will include what I've been lovin' over August, September and October. I usually make a list of all the products I'm having a love affair with but for some reason I didn't this month and now I'm sure I've forgot to list all my favourites. #bbloggerproblems

Conscious Skincare Sweet Orange & Frangipani Body Butter*: This right here is a body butter with a difference. Gone is the thick, gloopy, sticky feeling most of us are left with after using a butter. This one from Conscious Skincare is light as air. When I first opened the package and lifted the pot I was sure it was only going to be half full, thats how light it is. I hadn't heard of Conscious Skincare untill this heavenly scented pot made it's way into my grasps but the products are handcrafted, made to order and free from sls, phtalates, synthetic or chemical preservatives, colours or fillers. Don't be fooled by the light, whipped cream texture, this body butter means business. Not only does the scent linger on the skin long after you apply it but it leaves the skin moisturised all day long. If like me you hadn't heard of this brand before, you can find more info on the website The Sweet Orange & Frangipani Body Butter costs 18.99 for 250ml.

Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12HR Wear 'Tiramisu': The best eyeliner ever. That, is, all. Swatch & review.

Clarins Graphic Expression Face & Blush Powder: One compact that can be used to add a flush of pink to your cheeks, add a subtle bronzed effect, set foundation, brighten the complexion and even contour depending on your skin tone? Yes please! I haven't let this baby out of my sight since getting it back in August. You can read my post here and see it in all it's unused glory.

Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer*: If you read this post you'll know how much I adore this foundation. I mentioned that the concealer creases under my eye's but instead of letting it go to waste while I obsess over the foundation I've been using the concealer to cover up any redness on my cheeks on days I'm not wearing foundation. My favourite way of applying the foundation is still with either the Real Techniques Buffing Brush or the Sephora Mineral Powder Brush. Fans of YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat will love this too.

Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick '04': Sephora can do no wrong in my eyes when it comes to makeup. The skincare leaves a lot to be desired, it's awful but the makeup I can't fault. I've been singing the praises of this lippy here on the blog already (link) and as you can see, I've worn it down quite a bit already.

Hydraluron: Believe the hype, this stuff is incredible. I was able to feel a difference in my skin from the very first use. My skin felt smoother and more plump even though I needed to exfoliate. It's light on the skin, once dry you can't feel it at all.

Essie 'Neo Whimsical': This is the colour that attached itself to my nails through most of September and October. It's not very often I'll remove my chipped nail polish and apply the same colour but Neo Whimsical is such a gorgeous, easy to wear colour and unlike the majority of Essie polishes I've tried, it lasts a long time on my nails. Don't think I've showed swatches on my blog yet but I have posted a pic on instagram here.

What products have made their way into your favourites this month?

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*PR sample

Monday, 21 October 2013

My Perfect Nude: Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick '04'

I know we're now in Autumn and the Lipstick Law says we should be reaching for deeper berry tones but when you're the not so proud owner of the worlds thinnest lips like me (seriously, they're like a dogs lips) then those more vampy colours can highlight just how small your lips are and sometimes make them look even thinner. I always feel more comfortable with nude shades but can't stand the 'my lips are the same colour as my skin' look so when choosing a nude I always go for shades that lean more pink and aren't fully opaque.

Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick '04' is a moisturising lipstick, perfect for this time of year when the coldness can bring on the dreaded cornflake lip. There are so many colours to choose from and a number of finishes - glossy, shimmer, metallic. The Sephora 'S' is engraved on the side of the lipstick and the bottom of the tubes are the same colour as the lipstick inside making it easy to find which one you're looking for if you have a few in your collection. '04' is a sheer pinky nude, one swipe adds enough colour to tone down my natural lip colour but it can be built up to almost full coverage. The finish is glossy so for that reason it isn't the longest lasting lippy out there but I don't mind topping up when I need to.

If you're looking for a lip colour that won't dry out your lips or highlight any dryness you already have, you can't go wrong with the Sephora Rouge Shine formula.

What's your go-to nude?
Have you tried Sephora Rouge Shine Lipsticks?

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Review: Maybelline The Eraser Perfect & Cover Concealer

 Will we ever see a concealer appear in my Holy Grail list? I highly doubt it. There are some good ones out there but each and every one I've tried has always had at least one fault: too thick, too thin, too drying, too creamy, creases, doesn't last longer than an hour. I could go on but I'm sure you all have the same problems when it comes too concealer and are well aware of how much of a pain in the jaxy they can be.

I very rarely find myself at the Maybelline stand in Boots but after making a mental note to try this concealer I made a beeline for it. I went for the shade Light which I think is the lightest shade (it was the lightest colour on the stand) as I'm a gorgeous shade of ghost and as you can see from the swatch, it's still darker than my natural skin tone and very yellow but once blended in it's fine. If you're lighter than me you might struggle to make this work but it's not bad at all, definitely worth trying if you think you can get away with it. 

Maybelline The Eraser Perfect & Cover Concealer has one of those applicators that instantly give me the creeps! I don't even know what it's called. It's not sponge, feels fluffy and soft  like a doe foot lip gloss applicator but lets just call it a sponge for the sake of this post. Maybelline claim that the sponge keeps itself clean with some antibacterial hooha but I can't help but cringe at the thought of how it's going to look to the naked eye never mind under a microscope after a few months use. Applicator aside it's really quite a good product, one of the best high street/drug store concealers I've ever tried and a complete bargain even when it isn't on some kind of offer which it usually is. Texture wise it's somewhere in the middle and should suit a lot of people unless your under eye area is extremely dry or extremely oily. It doesn't migrate down my face as the day goes on and coverage is great, not perfect but what concealer is? It covers the majority of my dark circles and brightens my eye area really well. I know I've bashed the applicator in this post but it actually does a brilliant job of blending without dragging and saves me reaching for a concealer brush. Does it crease? Yes it does but not badly. All concealers crease on me though, most people probably won't experience any creasing at all with this.

If you fit into one of the colours in the small shade range, don't think twice, buy it! If it works for you then what a bargain and if not, you won't be wasting too much money.

Have you tried The Eraser?
What concealer is your fave?

Maybelline The Eraser Perfect & Cover Concealer, 7.99 from Superdrug where all Maybelline products are currently on a buy 1 get 2nd half price offer.

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Friday, 18 October 2013

The One: Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12HR Wear 'Tiramisu'

You've maybe noticed I've been MIA from my blog this week. I had a midweek break booked for the end of the month (or so I thought) but after ringing the hotel to find out why they hadn't sent any confirmation I found out we were actually ment to be there in the next few days. So, blogging went out the window and those few days were spent rushing around like a blue arsed fly trying to get things sorted but while I was away I had the chance to really put some of the new goodies from my Paris haul through their paces.

I mentioned a few posts ago how I'm trying to get back in to wearing eyeliner more often but going for slightly lighter shades instead of the usual black. I've already tried one eyeliner from Sephora, you can see that post here. I loved everything about it, the formula was perfect, it glided across the lid with zero tugging, was long lasting and the pigmentation was fantastic so naturally while in Paris I headed straight to the stand/counter fully stocked  with endless rows of Contour Eye Pencils and spent a good hour getting my swatch on. The other shade I own is Flirting Game which contains shimmer so this time I went for Tiramisu, a completely matte chocolate brown shade that glides on just as effortlessly as Flirting Game. I would go as far as saying the Sephora Contour 12HR Wear Eye Pencils are my favourite pencil eyeliners, ever. Staying power is second to none which is something I've noticed with all Sephora own branded products. If they claim to be long lasting, they are! If you have hooded lids and tend to end up with liner transfer lines then these would be a great product to go for. You barely need to touch your skin with the pencil and you're left with intense colour that lasts for 12 hours as claimed.

If you're not lucky enough to live close to a Sephora but ever find yourself near one, make sure you pick up at least one of these eyeliners. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Have you tried these eye pencils?
Are you a liquid, gel or pencil girl?

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013

I'm sure you all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as always, there are a number of ways you can show your support. 

This year Breakthrough Breast Cancer have an exciting new campaign, the Great Pink Bake Off. Breakthrough Breast Cancer is recruiting an army of bakers to fire up their ovens and whip-up some support to help fund their life saving research on Friday 18th October. Head over to for more info. #GreatPinkBakeOff

You can also #ShopPink - This years collection includes something for everyone; Avon, ghd and cult US product GlamGlow have got your beauty needs covered. M&S, Warehouse, My Wardrobe, Laura Ashley, Sainsburys and Debenhams are also getting involved. A percentage from every purchase goes to the cause. Visit the Breakthrough Breast Cancer shop for a full list of products. Here are a couple of my faves - I feel a trip to Sainsbury's coming on, they have so many pretty things.

Sainsbury's  Primrose & Peony Optic Wax Filled Glass Jar

Sainsbury's Breast Cancer Awareness 4pk Mug Set

#MoreThanALump - Text SIGNS to 70500 to get your free credit-card sized TLC guide. This guide details the key signs and symptoms of breast cancer. It also includes info on what to do if you notice anything unusual. Keep it somewhere useful, such as your bedside table to remind yourself to check your breasts.

You can get involved on Twitter with all the hashtags mentioned in this post.

October 2013: Love Me Beauty Box

This month from Love Me Beauty I decided to go for Menu 3* which yet again includes a good mix of products and luckily for me, I've never tried any of them before. I was really pleased to see not only one but two Lord & Berry products in this months box as after trying the lip liner and lipstick from August's box I was really impressed by the quality. I haven't had a chance to use any of the products yet so this is just going to be my first impressions.

Lord & Berry Smudge Proof Eyeliner 'Smoke', RRP: 7.50 (full size): I don't often wear liner now but when I do it's usally black. Lately though I've been going through a brown phase which is something I didn't think I would ever do but it makes liner so much more wearable during the day. 'Smoke' is a taupe-y shade, a nice one to try for anyone trying to wean themselves off black and one that I'm more than happy to add to my liner collection. I did try this on the back of my hand and it's true to it's name, it hasn't smudged all day, even through giving my cat a bath (not an easy task). No chance of it transferring on hooded lids.

Lord & Berry Scuba Mascara 'Black', RRP: 12 (full size): I may have gone to the slightly lighter side when it comes to eyeliner but with mascara, I'll never go for any colour other than black. Within my rather large mascara stash there are only a few I like and use. This one from Lord & Berry promises to thicken and lengthen whilst keeping lashes silky soft and flexible. I never really have any trouble with mascara smudging but this is waterproof so should stay put all day.

Balm Balm Indulge Bath & Shower Oil, 5ml, RRP: 6 (full size): This smells identical to one of the bath oils from Aromatherpy Associates, can't remember which one but it's spot on! This tiny bottle may only be 5ml but when it comes to bath oils, a little goes a really long way. I've never tried any products from Balm Balm but am forever reading great reviews so can't wait to give this a go.

Weleda Millet Nourishing Shampoo, 18ml sample, RRP: 8.95 for 190ml: Weleda is a brand I'm familiar with and have enjoyed the few products I've tried but have never tried any of the hair care. Millet Nourishing Shampoo contains organic macadamia nut oil and extracts of organic millet husks so even though it's designed for normal hair, I'm hoping the macadamia oil can tackle my wild mane.

Amie Skincare Bright Eyes, 125ml, RRP: 4.95 (full size): Bright Eyes is a very gentle, coconut based, oil free make up remover for eyes. It's free from parabens, sulphates and mineral oil. Is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and promises to be suitable for sensitive skin. Another brand I've never tried before but I'll report back with how I get on.

Each month there are 3 menu's to choose from and each month I'm really pleased to see the next box as good as the last. 4 full sized products out of 5 isn't bad going at all and they're all products I'll use rather than chuck in a cupboard and forget about.

What do you think of this months box?
Let me know if you've tried any of the products before.

Love Me Beauty Box 10 quid + P&P from

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Paris Skin Care Giveaway!

I mentioned in my haul post that I'd picked up a couple of products for a giveaway. Skin care is always hard to choose when you don't know someones skin type so I went for 2 products which should hopefully suit everyone.. 

Yves Rocher Purbleuet Gentle Make Up Remover 
Yves Rocher Culture Bio Honey & Organic Muesli Creamy Cleansing Lotion
Yves Rocher Radiance Mask

Hydralin Gyn x2
La Roche-Posay Lipid Replenishing Body Milk
Cebelia Soothing Milk For Legs & Body
Flower By Kenzo x3
Vichy Dermablend x5
Klorane Conditioning Balm
Vichy Densifying Care 

To Enter:
-You must be a follower of this blog via GFC & Bloglovin' (1 entry)
-Let me know what product you want but can't get in your country.
-Leave ONE comment below letting me know how you follow along with your email so I can contact you if you win.

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This giveaway is open to everyone and will close on 8/11/2013

Good luck!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Love: Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer

I didn't think it would ever happen but it has, my favourite foundation YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat now has a new rival in the form of Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer. If you prefer a dewy finish when it come's to foundation or have dry/mature skin and struggle to find bases that don't look cakey or accentuate fine lines and wrinkles, you're going to love this.

Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer 'Beige'*  is a handy product to have as not only does it contain both concealer and foundation but inside the flip-up lid is a good quality mirror making touch ups quick and easy. The foundation is the star of the show for me. It's lightweight, easy to blend and covers redness yet still allows freckles to show through but can be built up in areas where you might want more coverage. The finish is seamless with no demarcation lines whatsoever, it's definitely not a foundation that needs a lot of prep to look good (unless you have oily skin then you might need to use a good mattifying primer) I apply DSIRF&C with either my Real Techniques Buffing Brush or Sephora Classic Mineral Powder Brush which works brilliantly with liquid but you can use your fingers if you're having a good skin day and don't need much coverage. As I already mentioned, the finish is dewy and feels moisturising which is why it may not be the best for anyone with overly oily skin but I think most skin types would get on well with this foundation. I usually need to powder my t-zone halfway through the day to take down some shine but everything stays in place and is still on my face by the end of the day.

The concealer is creamy and I don't find it clings to or highlights any dry areas. It covers blemishes and dark circles well but unfortunately it creases under my eyes after a few hours but I have the same problem with most concealers.

DSIRF&C is one of the best foundations I've tried in a long time and one which would be great to use throughout winter when skin tends to look dull and flat.It's now within my top 5 and fighting for 1st place.

Have you tried Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer?
What foundation is your current fave?

Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer 25.19 from

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