Monday, 30 April 2012

Current Moisturiser | Rosa Fina Radiance Day Cream

Yet another brilliant product from Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina range has made its way into my skin care routine.

Rosa Fina Radiance Day Cream*

RFRDC is housed inside a weighty, frosted  glass pot and on first glance I thought it was going to be way too heavy and rich for my skin. The texture is somewhere between a gel and a cream and on application it feels as if far too much product has been applied but within a few seconds it takes on an almost watery feel and sinks in completely. RFRDC is an anti ageing day cream but dont be put off by that,  it also covers almost every other skin type and concern, plus it has a texture that I feel would suit most skin types.

Rosa Fina Radiance Day Cream helps to: maintain smooth, plump, heathy skin | Blur wrinkles and fine lines, leaving skin younger looking | Repair skin damage caused by UV rays/sunbeds | Reduce rosacea, blemishes and scarring | Prep skin for foundation.

Suitable for the following skin types: Combination | Acne | Oily | Blemished | Matured | Scarred | Rosacea | Pigmentation.

It's rare that an anti-ageing moisturiser will be light enough to be used on oily, acne prone skin. Often anti-ageing products will cause oil overload which results in spot city growing smack bang in the middle of your face. If this is something you've suffered with in the past then RFRDC might just be your new best friend.

Rosa Fina Radiance Day Cream £23.95 (currently on sale for £18.95)
*PR sample

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Scented Sundays #10

Beyonce Heat

Another cheap and cheerful celeb fragrance today. Heat was launched in 2010 but it wasnt untill the start of this year that I even knew what it smelt like. The bottle, the advertising and everything else just isnt my cuppa tea, it didnt interest me in the slightest and the impression I got from the advert was that Heat was going to be overpowering and in your face, but, once again I was wrong.

I received Heat at Christmas but didnt rush to take it out of the box, it stayed sealed untill a few weeks later when I decided to stop being such a snob and atleast try it.

Notes: Almond macaroon | honeysuckle | nectar | creme de musk | magnolia | neroli | red vanilla orchid | peach | milkwood | tonka bean | amber

I was pleasantly surprised buy how light and wearable the fragrance is but In my opinion, Pulse is the nicest of the two. Seriously though, what was Beyonce thinking when designing the bottles? They're hideous! So yes, I like it but would I repurchase? More than likely not, atleast not unless it was at a super cheap price.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

My Thoughts: Caudalie Beauty Elixir

After reading so many rave reviews about Caudalie Beauty Elixir I thought it was about time I took a closer look and of course that resulted in me ordering a bottle. I went for the 30ml bottle and found that Naturisimo had the best price at the time. You could also pick five free samples and delivery was free (it arrived the next day!).

The Claims: Smoothes Features | Tightens pores | Gives complexion a burst of radiance.

My pores have been really noticeable latley, probably as a result of the inflamation in my cheeks. I'm willing to try anything that promises to tighten them and I was also looking for a setting spray, plus who doesnt want a 'burst of radiance'?

I love the packaging, glass always feels so much nicer than plastic and its just the right size to carry around in your bag. The scent is very minty, which I love! I use Beauty Elixir  after cleansing and before applying my Melvita Rose Extraordinary Water. It leaves a slight tingle on the skin which automatically makes you feel wide awake but I'm not so sure about the burst of radiance, I'm yet to witness that. If I'm wearing make up I'll use it as a setting spray and if my skin flares up during the day then a few spritzes reduces some of the heat but doesnt calm it down completely.

The Good: Each spray is a super fine mist, you never feel like you've been shot in the face with a super soaker | Good for freshening up during the day | Cools you down during a 'hot flush' | The scent and tingle it leaves on the skin makes you feel wide awake | The price.

The Bad: No difference in pore size | 30mls doesnt last too long.

Even though it doesnt make a huge difference to the look or feel of my skin I really enjoy using it and would say I'll definitely repurchase. I'm halfway through my bottle already so will probably go for the 100ml bottle next time.

Price varies from site to site but you can pick up Caudalie Beauty Elixir from around £8

Andrea Garland New Summer Beauty Essentials.

Just received an email about a brand I've never heard/read about before so thought I would post some info for anyone interested. Andreas products are natural, handmade in Hackney, London and available to buy at

The new summer beauty essentials include..

Lemon Balm Body Gloss £24

Chamomile & Oak Sleeping Beauty Cream £28 (out late next month)

Molly Necklace £28

The mention of natural products made me go check out the website and straight away I fell in love with the vintage compacts, tins and pill boxes. Each contains handmade, natural lipbalm. What a brilliant idea! I've got my eye on the vintage Estee Lauder heart shaped perfume pot, might have to place an order.

If you're into compacts, vintage or lipbalm then I'm sure you'll fall in love just as much as me.

Have any of you heard tried anything from Andrea Garland before?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dior Addict Lip Glow Colour Awakening Lipbalm.

What a long name! Anyway, I thought it was about time I done a post on this. I've only recently rediscovered it but unfortunately I've had it for around 7 months so the photos arent of a shiny new unused product. I purchased Lip Glow just before starting Been There Done That Got The Lipstick, 6 months ago and it even made an appearance in my first ever post.

Dior Addict Lip Glow £21

Lip Glow isnt anything new, a lot of brands have similar products. Some claiming that the colour changes to suit your mood but in reality the balm just adjusts to your tempertaure etc. Lip Glow is housed inside sturdy silver and baby pink transparent casing, it feels very luxe and the sound of the click closure is somewhat theraputic.

The balm is enriched with wild mango and also contains SPF 10. It goes on clear then adjusts to your own unique shade of pink, my lips are really pigmented so it shows up quite bright on me. Lip Glow is a true balm, its not slippy like an oil but it does have a tiny bit of shine. It applies smoothly and theres a light vanilla scent and sometimes it feels quite minty once on the lips.

I'm almost at the end of it now, what you see in the first pic is whats left, but would I repurchase?  I enjoy using Lip Glow, I like how it feels on the lips and I love the packaging. It keeps my lips soft and comfortable throughout the day and I love that it adds a bit of colour but for £21 I'm sure I could find a much cheaper alternative.

Dior Addict Lip Glow Can be found at Dior Counters and online

Monday, 23 April 2012

Its A No From Me.

Bit of a different post today but I'm just wondering what everyone classes as beauty crimes? Whats a big NO NO for you. What things make you feel uneasy and when you see someone commiting said crime turns you into an obsessive control freak? We're all different but heres some of mine..

1. Painting nails without a base or top coat. I could almost forgive not using a base coat but when I see people not using a top coat it makes me want to give them a good shake. I come over all funny and have to look away.

2. False lashes that are way too long/heavy for the persons eyes. To me it doesnt make me think 'oooh, her eyes are lovely and fluttery' my thoughts are more like 'you look stoned'. I love falsies, they can really enhance your eyes but sometimes its just too much. It makes me feel a bik awkward and I honestly try not to look them in the eye if I have to engage in convo. I dont know where to look.

3. Tide lines. I just dont get it, its not that hard to blend foundation down onto the neck, it doesnt take too long to do either. I get the biggest urge to run over and attack the offending jawline with my hand.

4. Eye Cream being used literally on the eye. I cringe at the sight of anyone applying eye cream right under the eye, upto the lashline (unless thats how a certain cream is designed to be used). Also when face moisturiser is used right under ther eyes in place of an eye cream, again unless thats how its been designed to be used.  Orbital bone people!!!!!!

5. Lipgloss overload. The picture speaks for itself.


So theres mine, all 5 cause me great distress. Might sound dramatic but I cant help it, they make me want to gauge my eyes out with rusty spoons.

Whats yours? Name as many as you like but whats your top 5?

Sunday, 22 April 2012

April: Used, Abused And Reviewed.

I'm a bit early this month but doubt I'll fully use up anything else between now and the end of the month so heres my early empties :)

Davines Authentic Cleansing Nectar For Hair/Body:  A 90ml sample from Glossybox. It can be used on the hair and body but I used it only as shampoo. Cleansing Nectar is a thin oil but once mixed with water it lathers up and doesnt feel oily at all. My hair was left feeling clean and I enjoyed using it but I wasnt as impressed as I was with the Moisturising Balm.
Would I Repurchase? No.

Liz Earle Skin Repair Light: Everytime you place an order through the Liz Earle website you receive a free gift, this was one of mine . Skin Repair Light is designed for combination/oily skin. The texture is a lot lighter than the other 2 options but I found it still left my skin looking quite oily after an hour or so. The scent is gorgeous though, reminds me of baby powder without being exactly the same.
Would I Repurchase? I hate to say this but probably not.
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish: Do I really need to say anything?
Would I Repurchase? Yes, I've got a few back-ups and a few half used tubes dotted around the house

REN F10 Smooth & Renew Peel Mask*: Formulated to gently exfoliate and detoxify. This gel mask has a thick paste/gel texture and is orange in colour. Full size (50ml) will set you back £20, not the most expensive peel on the market but not the cheapest either.
Would I Repurchase? Hmm, I'm not sure.
Benefit B.Right Refined Finish Facial Polish: I've already posted a review of this. I just found it way too harsh on my skin. Yes, it does a good job at exfoliating but my face was left feeling almost raw after. I bought a few products when the skincare line first came out, I was sucked in by the packaging and also because Benefit worked with Louis Vuitton Labs to develop the range.
Would I Repurchase? Definitely not.

F.A.B Face Cleanser: I've mentioned this a few times now, you can read what I said here.. I just love this cleanser, its paraben free and safe for sensitive skin. Another gem I discovered through Glossybox.
Would I Repurchase? Yes!

Lavera Eye Gel: I loved the texture of this eye gel, its a mix between a cream and a gel. It feels lovely and cooling around the eye area but I didnt notice any big changes. I got 4 of these samples from Latest In Beauty, squeezed them all into a travel pot and got well over a months use from it.
Would I Repurchase? Not sure.
*PR sample

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Something For Nothing?

As I'm sure you all know Origins were doing a trade in today. You swap an empty skincare tube/tub/pot for a nice new shiny 50ml Origins moisturiser. There was two to pick from but my mum was with me so she gave me hers and now I've got one of each. :)

Starting Over | A Perfect World £30 each (I think)

Had an email from Debenhams a few days ago saying they'd loaded an extra fiver onto my beauty card, I already had a fiver on it and needed a new Dylash kit so this was another freebie. Been using this for years now (only for my brows), its so quick and easy to do and has saved me a small fortune.

Eylure Dylash in dark brown £7ish

I was feeling quite smug with my freebies but then passed Boots and remembered I wanted to get some Real Techniques brushes. I wanted the buffing brush and the deluxe crease brush but they were both in different sets and I didnt fancy spending over £40 on two sets just to use one brush from each so settled on the kit containing the buffing brush. So. So. Soft. Why did it take me so long to buy these??

Real Techniques Core Collection £21.99

Then as I was about to leave I heard the Chanel counter calling my name, I tried to ignore it but it was too late. One minute I was heading towards the door and the next I was sat on the chair getting colour matched to three different foundations and asking for Soleil Tan De Chanel.

Soleil Tan De Chanel £29

How I went from being colour matched for foundations to buying bronzer is anyones guess.

Did any of you trade in your empties? :)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Aveda Smooth Infusion | Mini Review

Smooth Infusion Shampoo | Style Prep Smoother | Conditioner

I planned to give these a go earlier but I was at my mums and her hair is Thicker, Frizzier and Curlier than mine so thought trying them out on her would really put them to the test. Each Tube is 10ml and came in the first She Said Beauty Box.

The Claims: Moisturises and reduces frizz | Exclusive plant infusion—a blend derived from organic aloe, maize and guar bean—creates a smooth new surface on hair | Significantly reduces frizz and unwanted wave, helps prevent flyaways | Protects against surface damage from heat styling | Babassu-derived cleansing system softens hair with a luxurious lather.

Smooth Infusion Shampoo  250ml - £15.50: First impressions of the shampoo weren't the best. The lather was minimal and the full 10ml needed to be used but she did say her hair felt clean and moisturised.

Smooth Infusion Conditioner 200ml - £17.50:  Again the full tube needed to be used (her hair is in a bob) and she didnt find it left her hair any easier to comb than her usual conditioner. But still, it done the job.

Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother - 100ml £18.50: All three products claim to reduce frizz and unwanted waves but we applied the Prep Smoother while her hair was wet (as directed) and left it to dry naturally and I dont think I've ever saw her curls look as healthy before. We didnt even straighten it after because it looked so lovely. So yes, it reduces frizz brilliantly but instead of reducing her waves it somehow made them bigger and better. Shes even considering purchasing the full size.

All three are on the pricey side and whilst I couldnt recommend the the shampoo or conditioner as I just think they're overpriced for what they do, or claim to rather. And you need to use a lot of product each time so its not as if a little goes a long way but I would really recommend the Style Prep to anyone with curly hair who hates the crispy look they get from mousse. I was under the impression Style Prep was for straightening hair but obviously its curl friendly. :)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My Thoughts: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

Philip Kingsley has been a practising trichological consultant since 1957 with a client list that includes celebrities, politicians and royalty. After being a consultant trichiologist for a prestigious Mayfair salon, Philip then went on to open his own Trichological clinic in 1960 and even created a product specifically for Audrey Hepburn.

Enter Elasticizer...

Elasticizer is one hair treatment that has stood the test of time. Probably one of the most popular hair products around today and has gained cult status. Its rare to be able to flick through a glossy mag without seeing it mentioned, but is it really worth the hype?

I was lucky enough to find a tube of Elasticizer in one of my Feelunique beauty boxes. I think I let out a squeal of excitement! I'd wanted to try it for so long but its expensive and not a lot of hair treatments work for me. I wasnt willing to shell out £26.25 for something that may or may not work so this sample was more than welcome.

Elasticizer is a pre shampoo treatment. Before shampooing, dampen your hair and apply Elasticizer in sections. Leave it on for around 20 minutes (I leave it on over night) then shampoo/condition hair as normal. It claims to deliver elasticity, bounce and shine to hair aswell as providing UV protection, even after washing to help prolong the life of colour treatments. Its also fragrace free so great for any sensitive noses.

The first time I used elasticizer I didnt notice much difference. My hair did feel a bit softer than usual but I think that was more to do with the conditioner I used. I left my hair to air dry but still didnt notice a big difference so decided to put off doing this post untill I'd used it a few more times. I've finished the tube now and although Elasticizer did make my hair feel nice I cant really say I noticed any changes to the condition of my hair that would warrant the price tag. Theres so much hype surrounding this product so I'm a bit annoyed at how undewhelmed I am but I know a lot of bloggers swear by it.

The ingredient list isnt too impressive either
I would still recommend trying it out for yourself though but try a smaller size first. If you've tried this whats your thoughts?

Monday, 16 April 2012

Giveaway *CLOSED*

I've got quite a lot of stuff that I wont use so thought instead of them being kept in a box and going to waste I thought I'd do a giveaway with them. I asked what people thought about this on twitter and the ones who got back to me said to go for it.
It'll give someone else the chance to try out a few things that otherwise wouldnt see the light of day again. Everything has been purchased by myself, they arent PR samples or anything like that. The reason I dont want them is because they're just something I wouldnt use and I've got doubles of certain things. Everything is brand new, unused and sealed where possible.
Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream
ANEW Micro-Exfoliant
Cargo Lip Gloss in Serengeti
YSL Youth Serum
Avon Vanilla Frost Purse Spray
Skin Doctors Eyetuck sachets x2
If you would like to enter then all you need to do is be a follower of my blog and leave a comment with your email address so I can contact you if you win. I joined Twitter at the weekend so if you follow me on my blog and twitter @lippybblogger this will count as an extra entry and if you also tweet about the giveaway then thats another extra entry (3 in total). Make sure to leave your twitter names.
The giveaway will close on 16/5/12 and the winner will be picked at random

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Review | Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Cleansing Milk

Rosa Fina Nourishing Cleansing Milk* has been my cleanser of choice lately. Its from Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina range and covers a whole host of skin concerns..

Combination | sensitive | blemished | fine lines | wrinkles | mature | scarred | rosacea | oily | acne.

Nourishing Cleansing Milk* 125ml £20.95

 I had been using  the Rosa Fina Face & Decolletage oil* and loved the results so Lindsay kindly offered to send me a few more products from the range to try. The cleansing milk couldnt have come at a better time, my skin has been playing me up something shocking and cream cleansers were starting to feel a bit too much but face washes were far too stripping and causing my already inflamed cheek to become even more inflamed.

'Cleansing Milk' always makes me imagine a really thin, runny, milky  liquid but this is more of a creamy lotion that isnt going to spill everywhere or run down your arms. On contact with the skin it has a lovely cooling effect an instantly makes you feel clean and refreshed. You apply it to dry skin, massage it in then remove, and as usual I use a muslin cloth or mitt. It removes mascara so easily (not sure about waterproof mascara though, I never wear it) and leaves your face feeling really soft and smooth.

The packaging is an almost rubbery plastic tube with a pump so you never pour out too much product. Rosa Fina Nourishing Cleansing Milk contains rosa mosqueta oil with a complex of detoxifying herbs, Witch hazel and aloe vera.

I love cream cleansers but almost all of them leave a film over the skin and I'm a bit funny about not removing it properly. I end up going over and over my face with a muslin cloth untill I'm sure every trace of cleanser has gone but then that just irritates my skin even more. With this cleansing milk I only have to go over my face twice so thats definitely a bonus.

Rosa Fina Nourishing Cleansing Milk can be purchased from the Barefoot Botanicals website link.
*PR samples

Scented Sundays #9

Armani Code

How strong is that sun today?? I was blinded while taking photos and the above pic is the best of a bad bunch.

Armani Code is probably more of a wintery fragrance. Its strong with notes of orange blossom, madagascar vanilla, honey and sambac jasmine. Jasmine is just something that I really cant stand, it makes me feel ill and brings on the mother of all headaches but somehow Armani Code gets away with it and makes it work.

The staying power is brilliant, topping up during the day isnt necessary which makes the bottle last a long, long time. I would describe Code as the grown up sister of Diesel Loverdose. I'm not sure if its only me who thinks they smell similar. What do you think?

Armani Code 30ml £37

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Friday, 13 April 2012

Girlies I Need Your Help.

For me, blush is probably the least exciting part of my makeup routine, sometimes I'll just skip it completely. I never stray far from my tried and tested shades of pink but they're so boriiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

Source: weheartit

For a while now I've wanted to try something a bit different but dont know where to start, I'm stuck in a blush rut. I need your help on deciding which blush to go for but theres a few things I'm looking for..

A cream blush that looks dewy but without leaving a tacky feel on the skin and I think a peachy, almost bronze-y shade is what I'm after. I'm not set on a single brand, I'm open to suggestions and if you've got any swatches of a shade you think I might like then please link it below.

Filthy Gorgeous London | Swatches

Rosey Posey | Minx | Tea Bird

Filthy Gorgeous London is a nail polish brand that up untill lately I'd heard very little about. The polishes are made without Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP, and have a long wearing chip resistant pro-formula. I was sent 3 colours to try out so heres some swatches.

Rosey Posey*

Rosey Posey is bright and in your face, definately not one for the faint hearted. Its neon and clashes perfectly with all the mint clothing I seem to be wearing lately. As with all neons, once dry it has an almost matte finish. I'm not a fan of matte nails but look how glossy it is after a slick of top-coat. It dried unbelievably quick, applied evenly and didnt have that 'gappy' look after the first coat that all other neons seem to have. 


Check out how glossy that colour is! I didnt use top coat on Minx or Tea Bird for these swatches. Minx is described as a Soft Cornflower Blue and is very similar to Leighton Denny The Heiress.

Tea Bird*

Tea Bird is a cool pastel Green, almost identical to the iconic Tiffany box. Again, the shine on this colour is just crazy. Possibly my fave out of the three.

All three are colours I would pick out for myself. The bottles are just the cutest, from the lace look design on the lids to the plectrum charm on each bottle. All three shades were brilliantly pigmented and opaque with two coats, (Minx and Tea Bird could get away with only one coat). The polish seems to almost apply itself, the formula for all three was on the thicker side and was a dream to apply.

Filthy Gorgeous Nail Polish can be purchased directly from the online boutique link, and are priced at £9.
 What do you think? Any shades you would recommend?
*PR samples