Sunday, 26 February 2012

Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection.

I'm afraid I've developed a slightly expensive addiction.
A couple of weeks ago I received this bath oil set, I wasnt familiar with all the different oils so was sent the complete bath & shower oil collection. Theres nine different oils in total, each glass bottle contains 3ml of oil, enough for one bath or shower, (though I'm sure you could get two baths from one bottle if you really wanted to make it stretch.)

Deep Relax
Light Relax
De-Stress Mind
De-Stress Muscle
 Revive Morning
Revive Evening
 Support Lavender & Peppermint
Support Equilibrium
Support Breathe

I've never really paid much attention to anything with 'aromatherapy' in the name before, I didnt believe that certain scents could have any real benefits but I now know I was wrong. Each 3ml bottle is seriously potent, sniffing the oil straight from the bottle made me think it was going to be really overpowering but once it hits the warm water it fills the room with the most relaxing/reviving scents. The fragrance doesnt fade, no matter how long you decide to stay in the bath.. I spent valentines day in the bath for a good hour with Support Equilibrium and even a few hours later the smell was still floating around.

I suffer from really bad back pain and these bath oils have helped a huge amount. They dont take away the pain but they do help me relax and really chill out which seems to lessen the pain quite a bit.

Add to a full bath or massage over torso before showering. Each 3ml bottle contains one unique bath or showering experience.

If anyones interested in bath oils but doesnt know which to go for I would really recommend this collection. The miniatures are great if you travel alot but still like to have your pamper time and they allow you find out which ones you like best before to commiting to full sizes.

The Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection is £28.50 and can be purchased from here.

PR Sample


  1. I bet they smell amazing xx

    1. They really do. Not the type of scents I would pick out for myself, I'm always using sugary sweet bath products but once you've tried them theres no going back.

  2. I've heard such amazing things about these sets! Really want to try some Aromatherapy Associates products some time xx

    1. You really should, they chill me out to the point where I almost fall asleep! lol

  3. these products seem amazing!
    great review! :)

  4. I love bath oils and find them much more moisturising than foams or bath bambs. They do seem expensive but when you realise that you can pay over £3 for a Lush bath bomb they are not that bad value really.

    1. They're so moisturising, its unreal. Yeah, I agree with you, single use bath products can be quite pricey when you add it all up.