Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Review: Sarah Chapman Intensive Hydrating Booster, Overnight Exfoliating Booster, Skin Tone Perfecting Booster & Overnight Facial.

Carrying on from my post last week on 4 Sarah Chapman Skinesis products (link) This 2nd post includes the products which enable you to cocktail your skin care to suit your skins needs. No-ones skin is the same from day to day, mine definitely isnt so maybe that's why I love this range so much?

Intensive Hydrating Booster 5ml £9.50/30ml £57*: My cheeks get very badly dehydrated to the point were they get itchy, red, sore and hives pop up. They look constantly flushed and my pores appear bigger. It's really not a pretty sight! Intensive Hydrating Booster isn't heavy or thick. It has a thin, almost watery serum texture and can be slotted into any skincare routine and used all over the face or just where needed. I always mix one drop with the Age Repair Serum and slather it all over my cheeks before I apply moisturiser. Intensive Hydrating Booster contains Hyaluronic Acid (the ingredient you should always go for if your skin is dehydrated), moisture magnets and soothing rose water which plump fine lines. After only two days of using this my cheeks were almost back to 'normal'. They feel comfortable, the redness has died down and my pores look tighter. If you're happy with your skincare routine but suffer from dehydration definitely order the 5ml tube of this to try out for yourself. I bet you'll end up ordering the 30ml tube.

Overnight Exfoliating Booster 5ml £9.50/30ml £57*: Same as above, you can use this as and when you need it. Overnight Exfoliating Booster maximizes the skins own-night time cell renewal process. It contains salicylic acid and P Refinyl to reduce clogged pores and blemishes and tighten stretched pores. The non abrasive skin resufacers gently exfoliate while you sleep and you're left with brighter,smoother looking skin the next morning. You can really notice the difference when applying foundation. It goes on alot smoother and doesn't cling to any dry patches. It also targets fine lines, uneven skin and post blemish marking. I apply Overnight Exfoliating Booster three times a week (mixed with Age Repair Serum) to cleansed/toned skin before slathering on Overnight Facial or moisturiser. 

Skin Tone Perfecting Booster 5ml £9.50/30ml £57*: I don't really have pigmentation on my face yet but Skin Tone Perfecting Booster contains botanical skin brighteners and pigment lightening actives to target age spots, sun damage and discolouration. I can't comment on how well it work's for all of those but it helps defend against future UV damage, photo ageing and collagen degradation so I've continued to use it. There's anti-oxidants to soothe and protect the skins natural barrier, and my skin looks alot clearer. All the other products have worked wonders for me so I trust the brand enough to believe that Skin Tone Perfecting Booster is giving me some protection from future damage.

Overnight Facial 5ml £15/15ml £45*: The most famous product from the whole range. If you aren't familiar with Sarah's products you've still probably heard of this. It's the most simple product in the world (simple as in you just need to apply it) and gives amazing results! After applying any of the products listed above you finish of by massaging this gorgeous oil into your skin and forget about moisturiser. The oil isnt gloopy or thick, it's a cross between a serum and oil and feels like heaven on the skin. It is packed full of goodies to calm stressed skin, increase the life span of cells, brighten and firm the skin, and leave you with an amazing glow. On my skin it doesn't fully sink in, I'm able to massage my face for ages which helps it appear more plump. Overnight facial mimics the results you get from going to a spa and having a facial. The morning after using this you can see the difference straight away. It's not a product you have to use over a long period of time to see results. You will see how good your skin looks after the first use.

I almost never like every single product I try from one brand. I don't think it's ever happened before! My skin just loves this range and I really enjoy using the products - They're a pleasure to use, never feel like a chore and I really like how I can add the Booster's to give my skin an extra boost.

PS - My full size Ultimate Cleanse arrived today (it's part of my Christmas prezzie) and I'm so, so tempted to start using it now. Maybe I should set myself a cleanser challenge to get through all my half used cleansers by Christmas!

All products listed above are available from SarahChapman.Net
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  1. Ok can you please stop raving about these now as I can't afford to try them at the moment and I really want too!! They all sound fantastic. xx

    1. Ok, I promise I'll stop now. ;) The next time you hear about them will be in an empties post but probably not untill Dec, they're still going strong! Even the 5ml tubes.