Friday, 5 October 2012

How To: Make Your Own Concealer

After realising loose mineral foundation doesnt look as good on my skin as the liquid variety but not wanting to waste my pot of BareMinerals I thought I would try making my own concealer.

You Will Need:
Clean empty travel pot
Eye cream
Mineral foundation
Small spatula

I'm using this as an under eye concealer so went for eye cream over moisturiser but if you're using this for blemishes you could use any facial moisturiser.

What To Do:
Add some eye cream to the pot
Add some mineral foundation
Stir mixture, adding more minerals if needed for more coverage

You could also follow the same steps to turn your minerals into tinted moisturiser. I've found creams with a thicker texture work better for making the concealer as lotions tend to make the coverage to sheer. This is by no means a full coverage concealer but for everyday wear its fine.

Have you tried this before?


  1. Great idea! Good not to let things go to waste. I used up my BM powder as a setting powder in the end. xxx

    1. I might use up the rest as setting powder. Atleast it wont go to watse.

  2. I have tried mixing a little of the bisque with moisturiser before but not the foundation.Great Idea though. I might give it a go.

  3. wow how innovative! Honestly I've never seen any other blog posts that talks about how to make use of common products and turn them into concealer! How useful :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  4. I have never tried this before... its a fantastic idea... I shall give it a go! :) x