Sunday, 13 May 2012

Nails Inc Limited Edition Glitters.

Noel Street | Shepherds Market

Last week I posted about the Nails Inc trio I purchased from QVC and showed swatches of Holly Place. (link) The other 2 shades are really similar to eachother so I've decided to just show them in the same post.

As you can see, the base colour is similar in both but Noel Street has flecks of gold while Shepherds Market has flecks of pink, blue and gold.

Noel Street

Shepherds Market

To the naked eye, the only difference I can see between the 2 is Shepherds Market is slightly darker. In the pic you can see some of the multicoloured flecks but it real life it isnt as noticeable, not to me anyway.

I cant fault the application, everything I said about Holly Place applies to both of these aswell. They are so easy to remove compared to normal glitters and I didnt have any chipping at all. All three shades retail at £11 each but in my opinion you really dont need both Noel Street and Shepherds Market, they're way to similar. If I had to pick only one out of all three then Holly Place is an easy winner.


  1. These are stunning! I may have to try one if they are easy to remove, thats what usually puts me off glitter. x

    1. I love glitter but getting it off is just the biggest pain ever, always leaves my nails weak and flaky.

  2. gorgeous colour hun :) and lovely pics!!

  3. They are stunning! I love how finely milled the glitter is! x

  4. Ooo pretty! Can't resist shiny glitters like these :) x

  5. so pretty and sparkly! its great how theyre easier to remove than most glitters, that's the thing that really bugs me - having to take them off!

  6. ooh love the look of shepherds market x