Friday, 30 December 2011

Swatches: Nails Inc Glitterati Collection.

I'm a complete glitter bug so this is one of the prezzies I asked santa for. The trio cost £25 but its now priced at £18 on the Nails Inc site.

Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden is a clear base filled with teeny tiny flecks of silver glitter and larger holo/silver glitter. I had no problems with the application and used 2 coats.

This has to be one of my favourite glitters ever, it twinkles like crazy and flashes blue, red, green, purple, orange. I just love it! The texture is quite gritty but a good top-coat sorts that out.

Buckingham Street

Out of all 3 colours, Buckingham Street had the most problems. Looking at the polish in the bottle I thought the base was a black jelly packed with magenta glitter but the base is actually a random blue shade. I needed 3 coats to achieve full coverage but it  just looked so lumpy and thick! There was shrinkage at the tips, it just looked really sloppy.

The texture is thick and gloopy, it was a nightmare to apply. The finish was incredibly dull and I know thats typical of glitters but no matter how many layers of top-coat you put on, it just seems to disappear.

Chelsea Embankment

Chelsea Embankment is the one I expected to like the least but i love it. I'm usually not a fan of gold polish but the tone suits my skin more than any I've tried in the past. Theres no larger chunks of glitter, the glitter is small and not overly gritty.

The formulation is spot on and it applied smoothly.

With top-coat, all 3 polishes had a glossy finish but its worth applying another layer of top-coat the next day.

Has anyone tried these? Which is your fave?


  1. oooh, think i like the 'hatton garden' they are all brill though! i better check out the nails inc website then! xoxo

  2. I was going to get this for my sister, but I think I will just get one for myself! They look great, I really love Hatton Garden too.

  3. wow love these-might have to try the purple one

    please follow me :)

    xxx Peaches

  4. Wow, these beat my glittery nails by a longshot! gorgeous polishes :) x

  5. Yet another Nails Inc polish that is gloopy! They really need to get their act together methinks. Although Chelsea Embankment and Hatton Garden are absolutely STUNNING. Never thought I'd go for a mainly silver or gold glitter but these are both so lovely x

  6. they all look lovely! :)x


  7. WOW they are stunning! Definetely going to try these out.


  8. These are gorgeous!!! Love the gold. X

  9. hatton garden is gorgeous, these shades are lush. Lovely blog hun xx

  10. wow these are perfectly awesome!!!

  11. Obsessed with glitter at the moment, even though the festive season is nearly over! Great post. I love the silver.

  12. I like to wear glitter nail polish very much. Thanks a lot for sharing the pics and the post.