Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Mini Haul and Christmas NOTD.

Nails Inc Edinburgh Gate

I thought the colours in this polish were perfect for christmas, it's like Christmas in a bottle. A clear base fully packed out with silver, gold, red, green and blue glitter. I used 2 coats with the usual drag/dab technique and got full coverage.

I finished with a thick layer of top-coat (Nails Inc Kensington Caviar) and done another layer of top-coat the next day as the glitter still felt quite rough. I had no chips and no noticeable tip wear, kept it on for 3 days then removed as I wanted to try out some new colours.

I went into town yesterday but it was packed, I only went into a few shops then headed home!
Eucerin Shampoo: I'd read about this on someones blog, think it was Fleurs. I thought I'd found a shampoo that would finally sort out my crazy scalp but sadly it has went back to being a nightmare. I'll give this a while to work then do a review.
The next 3 are from Lush.. Golden Wonder, Abominable Snowman & Gingerbread House: All the Christmas stuff was half price so I decided to pick up 3 that I hadnt tried before. The Gingerbread House smells gorgeous, I want to eat it! I regretted not buying more so went straight online but everything was sold out. :[
Marc By Marc Jacobs Jungle Black Leather Wrap Bracelet: I got this for £35 in the Cruise sale, I'm not sure of the original price but i think it was around £80. I love wrap bracelets and I loved the price so I had to get it.

I used Golden Wonder earlier and got a bit snap happy..

Gold stars :]

How pretty is the gold shimmer :] I'm easily pleased.

 I was going to upload some of the prezzies I got but think I might just wait untill I've tried them out. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.


  1. love this nail polish i had a china glaze one called party hearty but lost it the week before xmas :( xx

  2. Love ur nail polish&great buys too! Can't wait to see ur gifts lol

    Hope u had a lovely xmas,wishing u a happy&blessed 2012 x

  3. Gorgeous nails! and the Marc Jacobs bracelet :)
    Jaz xo

  4. Absolutely stunning nails! I find applying a topcoat every day over glitter polish is the best way to make it last and stay smooth on top. Absolutely love the Marc Jacobs belt - what a steal! x


  5. love the Marc Jacobs bracelet and your Lush haul x

  6. the Marc Jacobs bracelet looks so nice! x

  7. Wow that golden wonder is amazzzzzing i lov e the stars, think i need to purchase!!
    The polish is gorge reminds me of OPI rainbow connections.

  8. so glad i came across your blog, i love it!

    i'm having a golden wonder bath tonight, i'm way too excited!


  9. YOUR NAILS...LOVE LOVE LOVE :) Happy new year sweetie xx

  10. love the blog babe!

    newest follower :D

    xoxo Effy