Friday, 16 December 2011

Review: 100% Organics Cleanser.

About The Brand:
100% Organics is a luxury skincare brand dedicated to creating high-performance products, with both skin health and emotional wellbeing in mind. Science working with nature to evolve a highly effective, performance-led natural skincare brand, are the principles behind 100% Organics.

100% Organics are one of only a handful of ranges worldwide to entirely use organic ingredients and it is the remarkable ingredients selected which makes this young and vibrant brand so distinctive. This oil-based range has been created to work in synergy with the skin, delivering the benefits of the theraputic ingredients directly into the deepest layers of the dermis. Using only non-comedogenic oils, 100% Organics products will not clog pores but will melt into the skin, providing deep and natural nourishment.

One of the natural wonder ingredients used in 100% Organics products is Tamanu Oil, which has been used for thousands of years by Pacific Islanders and has legendary healing, anti-aging and skin smoothing properties. As one of the first European companies to harness the power of this extraordinary seed, Tamanu Oill is truly sustainable and has been selected as it is naturally rich in Omega 6-3 and Calophyllic acid - Both amazing nutrients for the skin.

Designed to enhance all skin types, Products range from the everyday essentials such as the cleanser, toner, moisturiser and lip balm; intensive treatment products such as the anti-wrinkle and night creams through to the indulgent body butter. Each luxury product is a fusion of premium organic ingredients, all chosen for their affinity with the skin.

Developed by the Walsingham Clinic, a well-respected natural health centre and its team of expert practitioners in Cornwall, 100% Organics formulations have been created to not only improve skin on a daily basis but also to alleviate common skincare issues.

Clinic director and creator of 100% Organics, Angela Young Is passionate about the physical and emotional benefits of organic skincare. She truly believes that adopting an increasingly organic and natural lifestyle by cutting-down on chemical intake in all aspects of life is an important choice for wellbeing and the enviroment. With a young family, Whose health and happiness is at the heart of her motivation, Angela adopts a natural and organic lifestyle where ever possible and is keen to prove that there is no need to compromise in the search for skincare products that are healthy, benefical and luxurious. By starting with switching to organic skincare, this is an easy but important choice for personal wellbeing and of course, for the enviroment we all inhabit.

Angela kindly sent me a few products to try so I'm going to start with the cleanser..

Cleanser, 100ml - £29

'This cleanser was handmade on a Cornish farm. Its the perfect mix of 100% organic ingredients, including pure coconut, tea trea oils and delicate rose extracts' The first thing I noticed about the cleanser (apart from the gorgeous packaging) was the scent. After reading that it contains tea-tree oils I was almost dreading the smell but thankfully theres no tea-tree scent at all, its just a really lovely, calming, spa like scent. The main thing I love about this is the 'slip' its a balm texture and unlike alot of other cleansers, it doesnt fully dry/sink into the skin and allows you to do a good facial massage before removing.

Directions for use:
Apply to face and neck. Leave for 1-2 mins then rinse off with cotton wool using either toner or water.

I dont like removing cleanser with cotton wool so as usual, I've been using a wet mit or muslin cloth. A few days before I started using this cleanser, my cheeks felt so uncomfortable and sore because of the weather and from having the heating on almost constantly, I usually have quite oily skin so was nervous about using a balm but it has been a godsend and will definately be my cleanser of choice through the winter months. My skin and lashes feel conditioned after use and it also removes makeup which is great as having to use a seperate makeup remover puts me off from even trying a cleanser. If you have skin then you need this cleanser, I really couldnt say it would only be good for one or two skin types. I'm in my 20s, my mum is in her 40s and my nan is in her 60s..It worked for all of us.

100% Organics range is certified by the Soil Association.
None of the products are tested on animals and are all vegetarian friendly.
As an oil based range, containing no water, the products are highly concentrated so a little product goes a long way. A traditional cold process is used to extract the oils which ensures that the benefical qualities of the originating plants are preserved. (100% Organics toner is the only product to contain water)

The brand was only launched in 2010 and has already won Best New Luxury Bodycare Product for their Body Butter  at the UK Beauty Awards 2010.

Has anyone tried any products from this range?

Products sent for review


  1. Looks so amazing! I really enjoyed the Amazing Face balm that came in the Feel Unique box last month and have been dying to try the Boots Botanics one too. Definitely going to try this too :) Looks so good! Lovely review x

  2. I've been wanting to try the Boots Botanics one aswell but everytime I went to buy it, it was sold out.
    This is very similar to the Amazing Face balm but it doesnt turn milky when mixed with water, the texture is quite scary at first, I thought it was gona be hard to remove but it just leaves your face feeling really protected. Love it and love the fact that theres no hidden nasties. :)


  3. Absolutely. Natural is the way to go. Not sure I could ever stop using Liz Earle but this might be good to use in the mornings. Wonder how it would work with my Clarisonic? Love the texture of balms, they feel so soothing and luxurious! x

  4. Hey There!
    I've given you a versatile blogger award!

  5. I love using it at night, getting a bath and leaving it on my face for a while, it's lovely.

    Hmmm, not sure about how it would work with the Clarisonic, I still havent taken the plunge and bought one, its on my 'list' though.


  6. great review. I haven't heard of this range but I'll check it out x