Saturday, 3 December 2011

Philosophy Review: Tiz The Season To Be. . . . Bathing.

Bath Or Shower?
I'm definatley a shower girl but during the winter, baths are my best friend. I could quite easily spend 3 hours in the bath BUT, i need some lovely bubbles. I'm in love with all bath/shower products from Philosophy, especially the 'Grace' range but a few months ago I bought a trio in foody scents. Some people hate foody body products but I love it, same with candles. mmmm.

Double Rich Hot Cocoa
Hot Buttered Rum
Hazelnut Espresso

On the front of each bottle theres instructions on how to make each drink. lol

All 3 are from Philosophy and can be used as shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath. I cant comment on how well they work as shampoo, my hair is a nightmare so I take no chances and stick to what I know works but I'm guessing they would work best for people with normal hair. Anyway, all 3 are 480ml each which is decent and you really dont need to use much each time, they bubble up brilliantly.

Out of the 3, I didnt really expect to like 'Hot Buttered Rum' I dont like anything that smells like alcohol but I love this, its like warm caramel and makes me want sticky toffee pudding :] its definately my fave of the 3.
After using these my skin and bathroom smell beaut but it dosnt last all that long, which is a bad point (for me) 'Hazelnut Espresso' smells more like coffee and chocolate than hazelnut and 'Double Rich Hot Cocoa' does smell like hot chocolate but theres something different, sometimes it smells a bit floral or maybe its just synthetic?

My skin can be quite sensitive but I havent had any reactions from these and they leave the skin really soft. I know I should moisturise but I never feel the need to after using any of Philosophys Bath/Shower products.

Philosophy can be pricey and not a lot of places stock the range, I know SpaceNK used to but I'm sure they stopped. House OF Fraser is the only other hight street place who I know definatley sell it but I saved myself some pennies and got mine from QVC.


  1. I love the look of Philosophy products but never tried any because theyre so expensive!
    I didnt like the sound of Hot buttered rum at first but the way you described it, it sounds so nice!

  2. Those products look lush! I love the way you review things. Thanks so much for following!
    Jaz xo