Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Swatch It.

Nails Inc - Whitechapel

I've got swatches of 2 polishes, I've mentioned both on my blog before but I've never worn them on their own so just thought I'd upload a few photos.

Whitechapel is a delicate pearlised white shade, sometimes it looks like a glossy white (minus the chalky effect that most whites seem to have) but most of the time theres a soft baby pink sheen running through. For the above photo I've used three coats. I adore this colour, most days I'm wearing vulgar shades of glitter so this makes a nice change, it makes me feel very lady-like haha and gives a nice healthy look to the nails.  I'm not into 'sheers' at all, I prefer to have an opaque nail but for anyone who is then this would be perfect, one coat gives the effect of a really natural french mani.

Whitechapel doesnt come across well in photos but its such a lovely shade and the fact that I dont own anything similar makes it even better. Enough of the gushing.. this polish has a few problems. One coat - fine, two coats - nightmare, it just wouldnt apply evenly, it didnt level itself out and theres a few visible brush strokes. The formulation is quite gloopy, if I applied another coat theres noway it would have dried!

Models Own - Disco Mix

This polish is packed with blue and purple glitter! I found that rather than painting as you normally would, lightly dragging/dabbing works best. Using normal brush strokes spreads the glitter out way too much and achieving an opaque finish would be almost impossible. I used 2 coats for the above pic. I cant really comment on how much of a pain removal would be as I have a habit of peeling glitters off but I'd imagine its just the same as all the rest.. A Bitch with a capital B.



  1. I like the look of White Chapel even though it's not something I'd usually go for! That Models Own looks incredible though! x

  2. I love the disco mix!

  3. Whitechapel looks divine, such a stunning colour. I recently tried a Nails Inc polish for the first time and was so disappointed with the quality of the polish. So gloopy and lumpy and such a nightmare to apply. Such a shame as their colours are beautiful x

  4. I always look forward to your nail posts :) Great colors and Happy holidays xxx

  5. Love the Models Own colour, I might try and recreate it with a blue & some glitter polish!x

  6. i love the MO disco mix colours but your right its a pain to remove glitters! i have MO scarlet sparkle on currently, not looking forward to the removal! xx

  7. gorgeous! I love these :DDDD . keep up the great blogging!


  8. Vow.. i like the first and second shade of nail polish. Thanks a lot for sharing!