Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Guest Post: Sudocrem - My New Face Primer

Hi lovelies, rather than posting on my own blog, I saw there was an opportunity to guest post on the lovely Frans blog and I just could not resist.

If there is one thing about beauty that I love, it is the fact you can experiment to see what works for you and what doesn’t, and if you make a little mistake, you can always start again. What is even better is that it all doesn’t necessarily have to cost the earth.

All us beautyholics know that the best foundation to your well..., foundation, is well prepped and primed skin beforehand, not only does it make your makeup look better when applying, you also get longer wear out of it which I suppose is a bonus.

Now, I have had a few face primers in my time, Mac Prep + Prime was my first ever one, as well as drugstore ones from MUA Cosmetics and Gosh Velvet Touch, the latter being the best out of all three if I am honest.

What I found with the MAC one was that it consistently dried my skin out and it always ended up becoming blotchy with a feeling of tightness each time I used it. However, as always, Mac products do not come cheap so I decided to finish it up before purchasing a substitute which turned out to be the one from MUA for just a fraction of the price. Again, it did nothing but irritate my poor skin and I had a mini breakout. I couldn’t complain really though as I had paid so little for it and I suppose you do get what you pay for really.

Then... along came Sudocrem, yes I am talking about every mums favourite nappy cream and no, I can assure you, I haven’t gone mad!

In the past, I have heard of Sudocrem being an excellent product for treating acne and irritated skin as reported in the Sun here

Since it has antibacterial ingredients it helps to mattify the skin, dry out spots and treat any redness on the skin and surrounding areas, now as a mum of two, I am never without it in my medicine cupboard, although luckily nappy rash isn’t a problem with mine so I have never had to use it for that. I have grown out of the ‘applying Colgate on spots’ days and so after reading up Sudocrem, especially as even some celebs are known to swear by it, namely Girls Aloud, I decided to try it out one night, when I skipped my usual night time moisturiser and instead applied blots of Sudocrem sparingly and what do you know! The following morning, I found that the redness had gone and the spots had disappeared. My skin also felt smooth, hurrah!

Thankfully, the spots were just a one off as a result of stopping and changing skin products but as well as a spot cream, I actually found it had another purpose the fact that it made an excellent face primer! Since I have combination skin, Sudocrem absorbs the little oil I usually have on my nose, forehead and upper lips, smoothes and evens out the complexion and provides your skin with a thin barrier so that foundation and the rest can be applied without clogging up your pores. You do have to be careful not to slather it all on thickly though as the consistency is quite thick and you may end up looking all chalky. I even considered applying it in a thick layer and leaving it on overnight as a mask but I was absolutely petrified about what my skin would look like in the morning so I gace it a miss.

But, as we all have different complexions, skin types and skin conditions what works for one person, may not particularly work for another. Here are a few pointers I suggest considering:

· If you are suffering from acne or irritated skin, try a little Sudocrem on a small area first to test how it may react on your skin. Remember, everyone’s different!

· Again, the same goes for if you wish to use it as a face primer.

· Does not use near the delicate eye area, if it does get into eyes, wash immediately with warm water.

· I wouldn’t suggest applying it as a face mask and leaving it on overnight. You don’t know what your skin will look like in the morning.

· It is quite heavily fragranced and smells all‘antisepticky’and medicated but i personally do not have a problem with the smell.

· Might not to best to use it religiously everyday, I suppose three times a week is ok but again, this depends on the condition of the skin and personal preference of the user.

As well as an emergency nappy rash cream, Sudocrem is now my go to zit zapper when I need it as well as a face primer! The best thing is not that it costs less than anything else on the market, but the fact that it actually works is the best thing for me. I have been using it for approximately three weeks now and I swear by it. I have even recommended it to family and friends and even use it on my husband and kids whenever they have a bit of eczema or the odd spot here and there and they love it too!

Sudocrem can practically be purchased anywhere and comes in four sizes from what I have seen: 60g, 125g, 250g and 400g. I currently use the 125g which costs approximately £2.75.

Have you or are you using Sudocrem? What are your thoughts on it?

Much love,

Hinnah xxx
Thanks to Hinnah for her guest post, Unfortunately my skin doen't react well to Sudocrem so I can't try it for myself. Have any of you tried it? You can find Hinnah's blog here or tweet her at @hinnahkhalifa
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  1. I've heard of this! Is it originally a rash cream for babies?

    1. Yes it's for nappy rash lol I'm not sure if all nappy rash treatments would do the same job but some people swear by it for helping with spots etc. It's way too harsh for the skin on my my face though, I would be too scared to use it all over as a primer but what a bargain for the people it works for.

  2. I use it on spots when I remember it but it's too thick for me to use daily. I love the Revlon primer mixed with Stila Primer as I find they feel lees full of silicone x

  3. I know this is an old post but just to let you know I use sudocrem as a mask overnight a few times a week and it does my skin wonders! Since I started to do it my skin has become less oily and I almost never get any spots any more!!! I wouldn't suggest it for very sensetive skin but it works amazing for my combo / oily spot prone skin.