Tuesday, 5 February 2013

50 Random Facts About Me.

1. I'm in my 20's and still petrified of the dark.
2. I'm obsessed with everything paranormal.
3. I feel naked and uneasy when my nails aren't painted.
4. My phone is always on silent, loud noises go through me.
5. I prefer animals to people and animal cruelty adverts break my heart.
6. When I'm at home I live in my jammies. I just don't feel comfortable sitting around in normal clothes.
7. I'm always thirsty, I could drink a river and still need a bottle of water after.
8. I'm addicted to coke (the fizzy type, not the naughty stuff!)
9. I'm set in my ways like a 60 year old and hate change.
10. Blogging is my only hobby.
11. I have a scar along my cheekbone from running into a door handle when I was a kid.
12. Feet disgust me!
13. I would love to make youtube videos but think people would have a hard time understanding my Belfast gulder! Oh, and I wouldn't have a clue how to edit etc.
14. I'm the most sentimental person in the world.
15. I have a sick sense of humour, I'm not a hit around strangers.
16. People always tell me to smile. I'm not unhappy but have never been the type of person to walk around smiling all day.
17. There is no edit function between my brain and mouth. If I think something then it's coming out and nothings going to stop it. I think that's one of the reasons blogging is good for me, I have time to think before I type.
18. I'm fascinated by serial killers. I don't mean I love them/like what the do or anything like that. My brain just can't grasp how they can do what they do.
20. I'm a hair stylist yet hate getting my hair cut.
21. I'm a list maker.
22. Horror is my favourite movie genre.
23. I'm currently addicted to Law & Order SVU.
24. I'm a wimp when it comes to injections/piercings. Up untill about 3 years ago I would faint everytime I saw a needle.
25. You might have guessed from number 24, I'm a fainter. I was once on a plane with a man in the seat infront of me next to the isle with his knee sticking out. The hostess rammed the metal trolley into it. He was in agony and I heard him tell the hostess he'd just had a knee operation. The thought of it alone was enough to make me faint in my seat! Embarrassing.
26. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to my make up. I like to keep it clean and looking brand new.
27. I treat my kitten like a baby, he's spoilt rotten! :)
27. I snore, loudly.
28. The hard bits in popcorn ruin my life.
29. I fall going up stairs atleast once a week.
30. I love coffee but hate tea.
31. My favourite food at the mo is McVitie's Medley bars. Nom!
32. I feel like I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like One Direction. I. Just. Don't Get. It.
33. Me and 2 mates got a boat from Magaluf to Ibiza when we were 18. It was only supposed to be for one night but it didn't work out like that. Not only did we get lost and run out of money (the rest was back at our hotel in Magaluf) but one of my mates lost her passport and couldn't get back! I think I cried for 12 hours straight.
34. I can't tear cling film. I end up having a fit when it all clings together.
35. I wanted to be a vet when I was younger untill I realised it involved operations.
36. My mum is my best friend.
37. I have a really bad memory. I can remember things that happened years ago but ask me what I had for dinner yesterday..
38. I don't have a side of the bed, I make use of the full bed.
39. I have no time for rude people.
40. Every Saturday I get salted chilli crispy shredded chicken from the chinese.
41. I was stung on the tongue by a bee when I was younger and ended up staying in hospital with a tongue the size of a baseball bat!
42. I won't let anyone else file my nails, I always hate the shape.
43. I'm always cold and sleep with 3 hot water bottles every night.
44. When I'm stressed or anxious I grind my teeth really badly in my sleep. I wake up the next morning with a splitting headache and every bone in my face hurts so my dentist had to make me a mouth guard.
45. I don't like my fingers and toes to be painted in the same colour. I hate being matchy matchy.
46. The only time I drink milk is in coffee. I very rarely eat cereal but when I do it's always dry.
47. I hate talking on the phone.
48. I would love to go to New York in Winter.
49. I love KFC gravy!
50. I'm a professional promise keeper. :)

Have you done this post?
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  1. Your facts were really interesting, especially when I saw the nr.45, I was like yeeey I'm not the only one :)


  2. This is so lovely and I'm with you on about 99% of your facts!! xx

    1. Would love to read your facts! Really miss your blog!

  3. Yes! I so don't get the One Direction thing either! I did this post too :) http://itsakindoflovely.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/50-random-facts-about-me.html xx

    1. It baffles me!

      Had a look at your post and commented. :)

  4. We are so similar. my phone is always on silent too, I'm constantly in my pj's, I'm afraid of the dark and I have real trouble tearing cling film. That's just to name a few.
    By the way your should definitely make youtube video's. x

    1. Cling Film kills me! I end up wasting half the roll trying to get a tiny bit then just end up using tin foil instead. Jammies are the best! :) I wouldn't have a clue how to make/edit/upload vids, I had enough trouble setting up a google analytics account. lol

  5. So many things in common it's crazy! Make youtube videos, I would love to watch them! xx

  6. I live in pjs too, sure the neighbours think I'm nuts. 24 and 25 I can sympathise with, only I have panic attacks rather than fainting so now I just avoid these situations altogether - it's a nightmare!

    Lauren x

    1. Its scay and embarrassing when things like that happer. It's one of the reasons I rarely go anywhere on my own.

  7. Great post :) I have to admit as well that I'm in my 20s and afraid of the dark haha :p You should definitely try giving youtube a go x

    1. I'm sure theres a lot of people who are afraid of the dark but just won't admit it. haha

  8. I love reading these posts because I'm so nosey :) Glad it's not just me who hates those hard bits of popcorn :D x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. I almost broke my tooth on one in the cinema a few weeks ago, they're so annoying. lol

  9. I swear we must have been separated at birth! I love paranormal things, serial killers intrigue me, and love horror movies! At least I'm not the only one haha.

    Samantha xx


    1. Haha I've just read yours and so many fit me. I also love the smell of fuel, weirdos.