Friday, 17 August 2012

Review: CINQ MONDES Roses Petal Rain Mist

CINQ MONDES Roses Petal Rain Mist £28*

How gorgeous does Roses Petal Rain Mist sound? To be honest I'd probably buy it for the name alone. I received this beauty in my BeTrousse Summer Break Beauty Kit*. For me and a lot of others it was the stand out product from the box and it certainly got the most attention in comments. Roses Petal Rain Mist is described as a softening body beauty lotion. Now usually I wont review any skin care product unless I've used it for atleast a month because lets be honest, any skin care review before that time is nothing but wothless BUT, I dont class Roses Petal Rain Mist as skin care as such.

The packaging is so simple and attractive, the clear bottle showing the rosey pink liquid makes it stand out even more to me and the fact its free from parabens and silicone just makes it even better. The scent is something I really like. Its delicate yet manages to linger on the skin for a good amount of time. The scent is rose but not the type of rose I've ever smelt before and certainly not a granny rose, it almost has a sweetness to it once its settled.

The reason I wouldnt really class it as skin care is because its not going to replace your body lotion. I spray it on my arms/legs, massage it in and it leaves your skin looking soft and smooth. It leaves no residue behind but leaves a slight sheen on the skin which makes it look really healthy. The reason I love Roses Petal Rain Mist so much is for its scent, not for its 'body treatment' but it would make the perfect on the go product for anyone who ends up with dry patches on their arms throughout the day.

Have you tried this or anything from CINQ MONDES before?

CINQ MONDES Roses Petal Rain Mist £28 from CINQ MONDES
*PR sample


  1. I've had a facial where they used the Cinq Monde range, such gorgeous products! xx

    1. Lucky you. The products all sound gorgeous! I'd never heard of the brand untill a few days ago.