Monday, 27 August 2012

Current Hair Care Routine

For Reference: my hair is mid back length | thick | wavy/curly | slightly frizzy | oily roots | dry midlengths/ends | coloured all over (L'oreal Diacolor) | a few blonde flashes (bleach) through the under sections.

I first started having my hair highlighted with a highlighting cap when I was around 11 and stayed blonde untill I was 20/21. Those highlighting caps are the devil! They could be used in the SAW films. Since then my hair has been mostly dark but working in a salon meant I was adding different colours every other week. I cant think of one colour I havent had in my hair but for the last 3 years my hair has been dark brown untill recently when I added some flashes. I think its safe to say my hair has taken one helluva hammering.

If I've reviewed the products I'll leave links to the reviews.


Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo: With using hair oil I need a shampoo to remove every trace of build up. This does just that! My hair is left feeling so clean and it doesnt irritate my sensitive scalp as its SLS free. (link)

Jason Smoothing Sea Kelp Shampoo*: Another SLS free shampoo. Adds more moisture than Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo but still leaves my hair feeling clean. (link)

Louise Galvin Nourishing Shampoo For Dry/Damaged Hair*: This is also SLS free so its perfect for anyone with a sensitive scalp. If you have a dry/itchy scalp try an SLS free shampoo instead of anti dandruff. They work so much better! (link)


Jason Smoothing Sea Kelp Conditioner*: Conditions the hair really well but without leaving it flat. I would say any hair type could get away with using this conditioner. (link)

Louise Galvin Nourishing Conditioner For Dry/Damaged Hair*: Same as above. (link)

Evolve Organic Beauty Protein Build Conditioner*: This smells good enough to eat. Its like cupcakes! My hair feels a lot stronger when I use this but it doesnt detangle my hair as well as my other conditioners do so depending on how my hairs feeling I maybe follow with a tiny amount of one of the above conditioners. (link)

Ojon Ultra Hydrating Conditioner: It conditions the hair well but really weighs it down. I've had this bottle for almost 2 years now so I'm just trying to use it up before it goes out of date but I wont repurchase. For me Ojon just doesnt live upto the hype or pricetag.

Weekly or monthly Treatments/Masks

Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil: Once a month I apply this all over my hair, leave on over night then shampoo out in the morning. The oil is solid but melts with the heat of your hands and smells like bounty. :) I got my pot from Holland & Barrett last year and its still going strong.

Louise Galvin Deep Conditioning Treatment*: Once a week I use this beauty and am always amazed at how well it works. You leave it on the hair for 10 minutes then rinse. It detangles every strand of hair and rinses out so easily. (link)

Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme*: Once a month I use this in the shower as a colour boost. It only needs to be left on the hair for 3 minutes and adds the most amazing shine. I doubt you'll ever find anything that makes your hair feel/look as healthy. (link)

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment: I dont use this as often as I should because the smell is just too much for me and I'm never amazed by the results. To be honest I'm just trying to use this up now. I've had it for years but wouldnt repurchase.

Hair Oil

Moroccon Oil: I cant not mention Moroccon Oil, its been my main man for the last few years but I'm now at the end of my bottle.

Orofluido Sahara Hair Protection*: This is a dry oil spray and feels so light. It can be used on damp or dry hair. Helps to smooth frizz and protects the hair from extreme heat. (link)

That looks like a lot doesnt it! eesh. I switch up my shampoo/conditioner from week to week, same with the hair treatments and I never use more than one type of oil on my hair at one time. My Tangle Teezer is also a HUGE part of my hair care routine. I would honestly be lost without it and more than likely bald by now.

Do you use any of these products?
*PR sample


  1. Great post, I love the scent of that Evolve conditioner! Want to try quite a few of these :) x

    1. It seems to last forever doesnt it. If you have coloured hair I really recommend trying the Revlon Nutri Color Cream.

  2. Love the sound of the Jason products!Bought 3 different sets of shampoos this past few weeks and they're all rubbish arghhh:( xx

    1. I always struggled to find a shampoo I liked and when I did it would only last a week before I hated it as they all seem to weigh my hair down after a few uses. The 3 in the photo are all really clarifying. I've been using Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo for almost 2 years now and still love it!

      Jason hair care is really good and the sizes are huge. :)