Friday, 31 August 2012

Review: Beever Daily Revive

Beever Daily Revive*

First things first - the name cracks me up! Yes I'm immature and easily amused. I'd never heard of Beever untill a few weeks ago but its a professional hair care brand with a whole host of hair care products for both men and women. Beever teamed up with a team of top British hairdressers to create a product that would leave hair looking lustrous yet be light enough for everyday use and never leave the hair feeling weighed down.

Daily Revive is a specialist hairspray (not even slightly similar to normal hairspray. Theres no hold etc). After washing your hair and before combing you mist it all over damp hair. It helps to detangle, lightly moisturise and improve elasticity, texture and shine. I'll be the first to admit I didnt believe the blurb about it not weighing hair down. Any detangling/conditioner spray I've tried before has left my hair feeling flat, dull and just lifeless with an icky feel to the touch. Daily Revive absorbs easily and leaves NOTHING behind, no matter how much you spray on the hair. My hair was easy to comb (Tangle Teezer), felt and looked healthy (which it isnt) but the biggest difference I noticed was when straightening my hair. Instead of havin to run my GHDs over and over the same section of hair I was able to get perfectly straight hair just by going over the section once! It can also be left to dry naturally to encourage loose beachy waves and throughout the day if the hair feels like it needs some added moisture.

Beever Daily Revive £10.40 directly form from Beever and Beever stockists

Have you heard of Beever or tried Daily Revive?
*PR sample

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