Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Top 6: Bloggers

I read a huge amount of blogs every week like I'm sure you all do but theres a few blogs I check daily in the hope that a new post is waiting for me too 'ooh & ahh' over. All these girls have one thing in common - the ability to make me want EVERYTHING they post about! They post regularly, their content is always spot on, their pictures are always clear, I trust everything they say. Basically I hang on their every word.

In no particular order...

Back in the day Lauras youtube chanel was the first beauty channel I ever found. Untill then I wasnt even aware that beauty channels/blogs existed! Imagine! I thought I was the only oddball searching the net for swatches. How wrong was I! Sadly Laura doesnt make videos anymore but her blog is bloody brilliant!

Make sure you check out all of their blogs and follow if you arent already.


  1. Awwwww thank you so much!!!! I am beyond touched. Big Hug :) x x

    p.s. I miss Laura's vids too :(

  2. awwwww thank you lovely. :) this has really made my day. Your blog is one my favs too. xxx

  3. OOOh Love this post, I totally trust your opinion so this is basically an easy way for me to discover a couple of great new blogs! thanks for the heads up gorgeous!

    http://es-jaymakeup.blogspot.com - for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts


  4. Aww wow! Thankyou so much, it's so nice to know that at least somebody is reading what I write. I check yours daily too, I think your blog is brilliant and similarly trust every word you say! XXX

  5. Thanks so much for mentioning me! Has made my day :) xxx