Thursday, 13 October 2011

Want, Want, Want, Want

I placed an order on ASOS  a few days ago, just ordered a few wee things and was quite pleased at myself for not going overboard and filling my basket to within an inch of it's life BUT, I was having a read through and saw the gorgeous pair of boots she'd got. I went straight on to ASOS again to see whatelse I'd missed........ I'd missed quite alot and now want everything. So this is like a wish/need/want/lust list?

Carvela Gallant Multicolour Platform Sandals - £130 reduced to £78

River Island 70s Platform Heel Boots - £100 reduced to £60

ASOS ACT Suede & Snake Effect Platform Boot - £75 reduced to £45 [i want them in black too]

Chinese Laundry Studded Suede Platform Shoe - £95 reduced to £52 [I want the nude ones aswell]

I need to cut this list short and go cut up my bank card.
I love Booties, I love platforms, I love sales... My bank account doesnt.


  1. Thanks for the mention :) I love all of these! Especially the snakeskin, although I have now banned myself from ASOS until payday :( xxxxxx

  2. Ah they're all so lovely. Asos always has such good sales!

  3. you have amazing taste in shoes! I'm not a huuuge heel girl myself but I want all of these pairs!!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. Ohhhh I love all of these! You're a girl after my own heart! I'm utterly shoe obsessed! Those River Island boots are amaaaaaazing!

    Katrina xxx

  5. Just so you know, i awarded you with the 'liebster blog' award today.
    check it out here;


  6. I love the last pair of shoes!

  7. I am loving the second pair of boots!! I am following back!