Sunday, 9 October 2011


I've neglected my beloved darks for what seems like forever, so decided go for O.P.I - My Private Jet today. Cant even remember the last time I wore this, must be well over a year!

I was in love with this colour at first but after seeing the original version all over blogs, this newer one just seems a bit bleh to me now. I still really like it but ya know what its like, ya always want what you know youl probably never get. I wont bother getting all dramantic over how I NEED, yes, NEED the older version but does anyone know where I could maybe pick one up, or a good dupe??

Here it is on my nails, please ignore the hands of death...

Bio Sculpture Base & Top Coat, 3 coat's of MPJ.


  1. What a gorgeous colour! I'm still yet to try any of the O.P.I polishes so might treat myself today! Great post :)

    Katrina xxx

  2. I find O.P.I a bit hit and miss at times, with coverage & chipping but I've had this on since saturday and it's still going strong.
    you shoud def check them out.