Tuesday, 18 October 2011

October Glossybox And Mini Review.

Last Month we all got our Glossybox on the 15th, I think? So from about the 13th I had been checking blogs & youtube to see if anyone had got their's yet. By monday a good few people had uploaded vids of what they'd got but mine still wasnt here, I kept checking the porch and started to think I probably wouldnt get mine untill tues, wasnt amused but it got here by late afternoon.

It's sad how excited we get over it, isnt it? I was hoping I'd get the same products as the few youtubers who had uploaded vid's of the contents. Hate how Glossybox usually send people different things, even when I'm happy with my stuff I still get major product envy if someone gets something else. As far as I know, we all got the same this month apart from the nail colour.

Leighton Denny Expert Nails -  'Beautifully groomed hands and feet are always in fashion and with Leighton Denny Nail Colours its easy to keep them that way' I really like Leighton Denny lacquers and have loads [i'll do swatches in another post] so I was excited to see this on the info card but when I saw the colour I was just like 'meh' it didnt float my boat, I dont do orange and never would have bought it. I chucked it to one side and forgot about it. Few hours later I painted one nail with it, just to see what it's like.. it's actually not that bad and doesnt offend my eyes as much as it does in the bottle. I wouldnt wear it all the time but I'm sure it'l come in handy at some point. the colour I got is 'Hanky-Panky' It's full size (12ml) and cost's £11

Dermalogica Age Smart Renewal Lip Complex With beauty Bag - 'A daily treatment that restores the delicate lip tissue.' I really Love this and will definitely buy the full size! It's looks like a gloss, smells lovely, feels nice on the lips and sorts out any dryness. Full size is 1.75ml and costs £22.50, sample size is 1ml. I've saw this on a few sites for around £16.

Dermalogica Age Smart MultiVitamin Thermafoliant - 'A powerfull skin polisher that combines physical and chemical exfoliants.' I tried this tonight, the gritty exfoliator bits are super fine and theres loads of them, you can almost not even see them but it really does exfoliate. Theres nothing worse than an exfoliator that feels as if you're chasing 2 grains around your face, there will be no grain chase with this one, it does what it says. my face felt lovely and smooth after but not sore, stripped, blotchy or anything like that. Oh, and it heats up slightly aswell. This is a 15ml sample, full size is 75ml and costs £40.50 that price for a 75ml exfoliator is just madness! I really like it but needless to say, I wont be buying the full size.

Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque - 'A powerfull masque of concentrated antioxidant vitamins to help skin recover and regenerate.' I havent tried this yet but it says apply it once a week or whenever skin requires a soothing remedy, leave on for 10-15mins, avoiding eye area then remove with water. Sample size 15ml. Full size is 70ml and costs £33.00

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner  (in Moray) - 'Stila's highly pigmented, waterproof eye liner glides on delivering intense, vibrant colour with staying power.' This is a greeny, mossy, goldy, browny colour. I think it's a colour that'd suit everyone. It really does glide on and stays put, I tried it on my water line, it didnt budge and I didnt have to keep dragging it along to get any colour. The only bad thing though, and maybe its just me but it did irritate my eye, made it watery and quite red. This is another full size product and costs £13.

Rober Piguet Eau De Parfums - 'Fracas de Robert Piguet, Visa de Robert Piguet and Calypso de Robert Piguet are three Signature scents from the most Parisian of fashion designers.' this month we got 3 perfume samples (lucky us) honestly, the less said about these perfumes the better. Full size 50ml and costs £65.

Glossybox done well this month, I was a happy bunny.

I havent gone into detail about what Glossybox is or what it looks like, I'm sure everyone knows by now. For anyone who doesnt know.. http://www.glossybox.co.uk/

Did we all get the same eyeliner colour?


  1. I think everyone got the same eyeliner colour, i hardly ever wear pencil eyeliner but thought the Stila one was lovely!

    great post!


  2. heyyy girl thanks for your comment ♥ im soo excited i just signed up for the canadian version of the glossy/birch box (the Luxe Box ♥) and im expecting that in november :D

    hmm its not showing you in my followers box, maybe it takes a while to show up ? ill follow back you have a great blog :D

  3. I love the things you got in your box! I get the birch box and I totally understand the feeling of waiting and waiting.. I got mine about a week later than one of my fellow bloggers and I was super disappointed each day when I didn't get mine! Can't wait for next month's goodies!