Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Personalised Phone Cases from Mr Nutcase

Let me hold your phone and I can guarantee that within one minute the screen will be smashed. I'm like a magician but rather than pulling expensive items out from behind your ear and leaving the person thinking 'wow, I want to see that again' I hand back bruised phones and lets be honest, no one wants a repeat performance. Usually when it comes to phone cases I turn to eBay, always lured in by the cheap prices. They might look pretty but not once have they protected my phone, you just need to look at my drawer full of old phones to see the abuse they went through thanks to my butter fingers. So, when I was contacted by Mr Nutcase and asked if I would like to design my own case I jumped at the chance.

Taking my history with phones into account I made the sensible choice and went for the Executive Flip Leather Style* which currently can only have print on one side but that suits me fine, I didn't want anything OTT. You can pick how many images you want to add but I decided to keep it simple with just one, my blog header, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The case itself is nice and sturdy so I'm hopeful my clumsy claws won't cause any more carnage.

They offer free worldwide delivery and if you live in the UK your order will be on it's way to you the next working day. Mr Nutcase have kindly shared a discount code for my readers 'Thanku10' which will get you 10% off their custom phone cases :) 

Are you a serial phone dropper?

The Executive Flip Leather Style Case, 19.95 from

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*PR sample