Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Love: Lauren's Way Solution 60 Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse

Anyone else a bit stand off-ish when it comes to celebrity products? I've always had this idea in my head that companies slap a celebs name on any old crap just to make a sale, which is definitely the case sometimes but tanning fanatics you're in for a treat as that isn't the case at all when it come's to Lauren Goodger's brand. The tanning experts at LW Tan have come up with a new rapid self tan: Laurens Way Solution 60 Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse* which is available as a mousse or a spray. After only an hour you can jump in the shower to rinse off the guide colour and you'll be left with a natural, golden tan but of course you can leave it on longer if you prefer a more intense tan.

 There are a number of reasons why I'm head over heels for this mousse (1) The guide colour is fantastic. Not only does it ensure you'll clearly be able to see if you've missed any random patches but the colour is instant and not at all mucky looking meaning you won't look like you've just stepped out of a pigsty if you have to leave the house shortly after having applied it. Infact, the guide colour is much nicer than the end result of most tans. (2) One coat is all it takes to get a gorgeous, golden even colour. Don't judge but my usual tanning ritual involves up to 4 coats. It's still buildable though so you can layer away til your heart's content. (3) After no longer than a minute I was able to get dressed. No walking around like an upright crab. (4) It can be used on both the body and face. I always use the same tan on my face as on my body anyway but the difference was I didn't wake up looking like I'd been dipped face first into a frying pan. The tan didn't settle into my pores either which is a massive plus. (4) I can't comment on the spray version but when it come's to the mousse, a little goes a long way. 4 pumps is enough for both arms and the chest/neck area.

The first tan I ever used was a mousse. I was hooked after the first use when the salon I was a Saturday girl in about 11 years ago used St Tropez on me for my school formal. I bought bottle after bottle of the stuff but the older I got, the more mousse tans had a drying effect on my skin so I switched to liquid tan. That's the main reason I went for the mousse version of Solution 60, I wanted to see if mousses had improved since I last used them. Luckily it hasn't dried out my skin nor does it highlight the random dry patch I always seem to have on my arm.

The only bad point I can think of is how quickly it dries. This is a plus point for me and I'm sure it will be for most people who are used to applying fake tan but you need to work fast to blend it all in with a mitt before it starts to stain certain areas of skin and not others. If you're a first time tanner it may take a bit of practise.

Have you tried this or any other tan from LW?

Laurens Way Solution 60, 19.95 from www.laurensway.com

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*PR sample


  1. I love all the Laurens Way products, can't wait to try this....developed in 60 minutes, whats not to love!!
    Have you tried Darker Than Dark? it's fab for us "4-coaters" haha great review hun

    1. I haven't, this is all I've tried but Darker Than Dark sounds great, would be alot quicker than slapping on 4 coats! Haha

  2. I love the glam tan formula and normal formula of the darker than dark but this sounds great! I was the same with the celeb brand thing too but it is a great range. I want to try this now. M xx

    1. You'll love it! I definitely need to try Darker Than Dark now.