Saturday, 2 November 2013

Christmas Gift Idea #1: Organic Surge Beauty Blogger Bundle

Yes I did just mention the C word and no, I'm not sorry. :)

For the first time ever Organic Surge has put together 4 of their most highly rated products by beauty bloggers, for beauty blog readers. The Beauty Blogger Bundle* has a not to shabby 13% discount which means you'll get 4 products for under 21 quid. You can buy the bundle as a treat to yourself, as a gift for someone else or even split the bundle into 4 separate prezzies.

Citrus Mint Shower Gel, 250ml: I love anything minty and I have a bit of an obsession with shower gels. This one from Organic Surge is 100% free from SLS, parabens, synthetic fragrances and colourants. It's enriched with organic mint, lemon and orange essential oils and smells divine! Definitely one that will wake you up in the mornings.

Lavender Meadow Hand & Nail Cream, 75ml: Unfortunately lavender can sometimes bring on one of my migraines. I'm ok with certain products containing lavender but this is a bit too strong for me so will be passed on to my mum. It contains cocoa butter and vitamin E as well as other goodies and works to prevent moisture loss.

Blissful Daily Moisturiser, 50ml: This lightweight moisturiser claims to balance oily and dry skin zones. It's designed for normal/combination skin, my skin is definitely combination, it has a bit of everything going on so I'm really looking forward to trying it out.

2-Minute Moisture Mask, 150ml: This is the product I'm most excited to try. It's for dull, dry or frizzy hair and as the name suggests, only needs to be left on for 2 minutes! Pure coconut oil and plant extracts work to protect hair from the inside out while making hair more manageable.

I haven't tried any of these products before so for someone like me it would make a great gift. Or, you could buy it for yourself and keep any you're not too fussed on for prezzies.

Have you tried any of these products?
Is the Beauty Blogger Bundle something you would be interested in?

You won't find he Beauty Blogger Bundle on the Organic Surge website, it can only be purchased via this link.

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*PR sample


  1. hello, nice review!Great deal indeed :-))....tried some of the Organic Surg beauty stuff but not the recently launched :-)

    1. The prices are great even before the discount. :) I've only tried one product from Organic Surge - the First Class Mask but really like it.

  2. oh what a lovely looking bundle! this baubles have got me very excited lol! I'm such a christmas freak :D I havn't tried a great deal from Organic Surge - love their hand & nail cream though xx

    Pretty Wonderful

    1. Neither have I but their First Class Mask is fantastic! I know, I'm itchin' to decorate the house now. haha