Monday, 13 May 2013

Swatched: The Pinks

I've downsized my nail polish collection quite a lot over the last few months. I sold loads in my blog sale, gave some to friends/family and some were gloopy beyond repair so into the bin they went. Pink is my favourite colour to wear on my nails - sheer pinks, bright pinks, white pinks, peachy pinks, baby pinks. Any type of pink really so it's no surprise that the majority of my collection is made up of pink.

I've swatched all the ones I've kept so this is going to be a very pic heavy post. All swatches are 2 coats with no base/top coat.

Milani '513 Digital'

O.P.I 'Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot'

Virgin Vie 'Shocking Pink'

Nails Inc 'Oxford Circus'

Essie 'Van D'Go'

BarryM '279 Bright Pink'

Nails Inc 'Brook Street'

Orly 'Lola'

Filthy Gorgeous 'Rosy Posy'*

Nails Inc 'Shoreditch'

BarryM '119 Baby Pink'

Nails Inc 'Picadilly Circus'

Rimmel 'Pop Rose'

Nails Inc There's no name but I think it's 'Peach Sorbet'

Chanel 'Rose Insolent'

BarryM '309 Strawberry'

Leighton Denny 'Talk Of The Town'

L'Oreal 'Opera Ballerina'

Nails Inc 'Belgrave Square'

O.P.I 'I'm All Ears'

O.P.I 'If You Moust You Moust'

Nails Inc 'Elizabeth Street'

Essie 'We're In It Together'

Nails Inc 'Brompton Place'

Essie 'Cascade Cool'

Dior 'Rosy Bow'

BarryM 'Pomegranate'

Essie 'Fiji'

My all time favourite and most used pink polish (apart from Opera Ballerina) is Nails Inc Brompton Place but lately my favourite has been Dior Rosy Bow, it looks lovely on pale skin and after slapping on some tan, coral tones start to appear. It doesn't look like anything special in the bottle but it's a gorgeous colour! The formula is brilliant, lasts around 4 days on my nails. The brush is great too, reminds me a lot of the Rimmel pro brushes but shorter and thicker.

Do you own any of these shades?
What colour is the majority of your collection made up from?

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*PR sample


  1. I'm wearing If You Moust You Moust atm, love it! Pinks and then purples are my most common shades,x

    1. Don't think I own too many purples anymore. Used to be my favourite nail colour though.

  2. pink nail varnish is literally my weakness, great post - you have so many pretty pinks! xxx

    1. I always go for pinks, even if I own a similar shade I'll still buy it. haha

  3. my favorite color is pink!! I own more pink polishes thank any other color in my collection!! Go Pink!!

  4. Oh wow those are a lot of pink nail polishes! They're all gorgeous but Picadilly Circus by nails inc. is stunning!! xx

    1. Even the formula of Picadilly Circus is gorgeous. So, so pigmented.

  5. Nail polishes are my weakness, great post ..
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    Thanks :)

  6. I can't decide which colour I like most! I want them all! Love the Dior and Chanel colours, also want alllllll the Essie one's too, haha and OPI :)
    I have a variety of colours in mine so a little bit of everything


    1. I got the some of the Essie pinks from Fragrance Direct for 1.99, bargain! I love Dior 'Rosy Bow' found it in a local chemist type place for 9 quid.