Monday, 24 September 2012

Mont Bleu Foot Scraper

Mont Bleu Scraper

I never talk about feet on my blog. I hate feet and have no desire to look at my own nevermind anyone elses. If I ever come acoss a blog post showing a pedicure etc I have to shut my laptop straight away. I just hate feet, the world would be a better place without them as far as I'm concerned. So todays post is a bit of a weird one for me but this product is too good to ignore. It deserves a blog post all of its own but dont worry, there wont be any accompanying foot pics!

Just like the nail files from Mont Bleu, the scrapers are made from the same Czech tempered glass. The scraper is thick and weighty, its not going to snap in half while you're filing your feet. Oh God, I cant even say that without gaggin'. If you've used foot files before you'll know they're more like cheese graters and leave the feet feeling rough but they can also leave your feet feeling quite raw and sore which is the main reason I ditched them. If your feet are very dry you might be best using something a little 'harsher' and using the scraper once or twice a week as maintenance but for most people the scraper will be fine on its own.

The scraper removes the hardened dry skin without removing healthy parts which means you're never left with sore feet but my favourite thing about the scraper is how smooth it leaves the skin. I know a lot of people do their feet after a bath or shower but its best to do it before when your feet are completely dry. I've been using the scraper once a week before baths/showers for weeks and wouldnt be without it now. Its so fuss free and simple to use.

What do you use to keep your feet looking nice?

Mont Bleu Foot Scraper 16€ but currently 14,40€ from DesignGlassware
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  1. Oh my god this post made me laugh so much! Well done for reviewing a foot product when you have such a massive aversion to feet! xx

  2. Thank you for battling through your hatred of feet (i definitely sympathise!!) to do this post, really useful!!

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  3. Nice.^^
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  4. sounds great! I use a bliss big buffer which is very effective! x

    1. Dont think I've heard of that before. I'll have to have a google for it.