Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fake Tans Best Friend: SunJunkie Tan Safe Shower Gel

Blogging has had to take a back seat this week. I have two weddings to go to this month, one is over and the other is at the end of the month. Me being me I left everything to the last minute (by everything I mean shoes) if you've gone shoe shopping lately have you noticed how hard (impossible) it is to find a nice pair of heels with a mid heel? I went to every single shop in three different places on the hunt for a pair but there was nothing! In the end I panic bought, I came home with a pair that even GaGa would struggle to walk in. I wore them around the house but after half an hour they were renamed the shoes of death and I knew there was noway I'd be able to walk around in them all day without the aid of crutches or a zimmer frame. I done the sensible thing and wore a pair I already had then yesterday returned the shoes of death. Anyway, I havent used fake tan in a long time now but before the wedding I slapped on a few coats of Hi-Shi and knew it'd be a good time to test out Sun Junkie Shower Gel.

 SunJunkie Tan Safe Shower Gel*

SunJunkie is a high profile tanning brand. It creates spray tanning solutions aswell as aftercare and tanning equipment for salons and customers like you and I. The main reason I stopped using tan is because I was just fed up with looking like a patchy crocodile after a few days. No matter how good some fake tans are you can deny the majority go patchy after a few days, more so after showering. The idea behind SunJunkie Tan Safe Shower Gel is that it cleanses the skin without stripping as its PH balanced which means your tan will last longer and look a lot more even.

The scent is lovely, it reminds me of Herbal Essences shampoo and leaves your skin feeling really clean but never screaming out for moisture. I applied my tan on Tues then again on Wed, its now Saturday I can honestly say I dont have any patchy white marks. My tan has worn off evenly but I still look really tanned. Usually I'll scrub my tan off after 2 days as it just looks dirty but that isnt the case this time.

If you're a regular user of fake tan I really recommend this. Even if you dont use fake tan all that often its still worth having a bottle of this tucked away for occasions when you do.

How long does your tan usually last before going patchy, and what do you use to prolong your tan?

SunJunkie Tan Safe Shower Gel £6.66 directly from SunJunkie and SunJunkie stockists.
*PR sample