Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Review: Simply Soaps.

I was sent 3 products to try from Simply Soaps from their 3 brands, I've been using them for a few weeks now so thought I'd review them for you. First up is Neroli Handmade Soap.

I dont think I've held a bar of soap in about 20yrs, which might sound crazy but my mum always told me how soap was bad for your skin etc and she was right, my only experience with soap was a bad one! The great thing about Simply Soaps is that they're natural and organic, theres no synthetic ingredients, and most importantly for me, no parabens or SLS. I should also mention the products are suitable for vegans :] The scent is described as 'A walk through an orange grove' and I'd have to agree.. Tiz lovely.

I've been really into handcreams lately but noticed that hand-wash was completely drying out my hands so decided to trade it in for this chunk of lovelyness and it has made such a huge difference, I dont even get itchy hands anymore! The price is reasonable - £2.85 for 100g so I have a feeling these soaps will be replacing hand-wash in my house, permanently.

The next product is Geranium Moisture Cream from SimplySkinFood.
The texture is like a mousse/balm/cream, sounds weird but its a white balm that feels kinda like mousse to me. Again, its paraben free and the price? £9.95 for 50ml, how good is that! 'Geranium Moisture Cream - uplifing and balancing for the skin. Good for combination skin and can help psoriasis. Geranium oil is gentle and healing, will not dry the skin, it will harmonise the body's natural oils' The site also states that it can be soothing for Psoriasis sufferers.
I have combination skin, it changes from day to day so I find that this cream works best for me as a night cream but anyone with really dry skin could easily use this during the day. My skin is also sensitive but I havent had any problems. Geranium Moisture Cream will last such a long time, a little goes a long way and I've barely made a dent.

Queen Of Sheba Spa Salt & Bath Milk £4.95 from Hedgerow herbals. I love bath bombs, bubble bars and everything else but bath salts have never appealed to me, I dont think I've ever bought myself salts and I have no idea why.
'Nefertiti, the Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra allegedly contributed to their beauty by bathing in camels or asses milk and rose petals. They were also recorded as visiting the Dead Sea for mineral baths. We have created this skin softening luxury with goat's milk and Dead Sea salts, delicately scented with rose geranium essential oil. Well, if they shone like the stars of today without chemicals…so can you!'
You only need a spoonful of salt for each bath, the bag contains 100g so imagine how many baths that is. My bath water felt like silk and my skin was lovely and smooth after.

I cant get over the prices, the value is brilliant but so is the quality. I NEVER thought I'd be using soap but my hands love it and I plan to try some more. Heres the link for anyone who wants to have a nosey through the products

Products sent for review.


  1. these look great..ill definitely look at their website.. x

  2. these look gorgeous i love bath salts!