Thursday, 5 January 2012

Feeling Empowered with Lipstick, Even During Cancer. By: Jackie Clark

A week or so ago I was contacted by Jackie to see if I'd be interested in guest posts, she wanted to share a powerful article with me and my readers about women and beauty, which we all love to read about but Jackie does outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance so this post is a bit different.

Psychologically, women can take affirmative steps to empower themselves despite debilitating illnesses like cancer. Even simple ways to improve one's appearance, such as wearing lipstick; have deep metaphorical meanings for maintaining one's beauty "through it all." By taking simple steps to take care of one's appearance, one can reveal his or her determination to not allow cancer to take over one's life.

Even women with mesothelioma cancer can feel beautiful in their own skin. Beauty comes from within, and this could not hold truer than for women with this type of cancer. Wearing lipstick can be a powerful psycological treatment for women who face the deadly condition of mesothelioma cancer. Lipstick can actually serve as an expression of courage, hope and power for the woman who has cancer.

Lipstick actually works to give courage to women in a few ways. First off, wearing a bold colour to a doctors office can be one way to communicate courage to other people. When a woman feels that other people are recognizing her courage to have personality despite a harmful illness, she will feel more confident and empowered. Women can also feel that they are expanding their horizons by wearing bold lipstick colors during chemotherapy treatments or stages of cancer. A woman should make it a point to go to the store and simply pick out a lipstick color that excites her. The lipstick color may be pale baby pink or flaming red. The key is for a woman to pick out a risky color that makes her feel powerful and ready to take on the world.

Wearing a bold shade of red or nude lipstick will make a woman feel sexually empowered as well. During the stages of cancer, women face so many unknowns. They may feel like they can never love again, given their condition with cancer. Wearing some sexy red lipstick is a bold reminder of all the love that a woman has to give in this world. Red lipstick also shows women they can still use and enjoy their sexuality with other people. When a woman feels like she is being noticed sexually, she will feel ready to take on whatever challenge comes her way.

The best gift that one can give one's self during cancer is the gift of time. Women should make it a point to make a date with one's self and pick out a thrilling shade of lipstick. A woman should do those things that excite her on this type of day, such as visiting a favorite luxury store or nightclub for the evening. Women with cancer can persevere and find strength in even the smallest ways during a tragic cancer diagnosis.

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