Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Milani Haul.

I really cant stop buying nail lacquer!

I was reading through a blog about 2 months ago and fell in love with some of the lacquers, found out they were Milani and went on a mission to track some down. As far as I know, they're not available in the UK but I ordered mine from Cherry Culture.

From the JEWEL FX Collection...

531 Gold

533 Silver

530 Gems

From the 3D Holographic Collection..

513 Digital

509 HD

514 Hi-Res

I placed my order about 3 weeks ago and they came today which is quite fast considering they came from America and we've just had xmas. Cherry Culture had a sale on at the time and I'm sure they still do. I tried out HI-RES as soon as they arrived.

This is honestly one of the best lacquers I've ever applied, the formulation is quite thin but gives a flawless finish with 3 thin coats. You could get away with only 2 coats but I decided to do 3. The brush is long and thin, I expected it to be a nightmare but it works really well.

I got a new camera yesterday so hope my photos are a bit clearer now, they only seem to be clear when I'm outside though so dont really know whats going on there.


  1. These are absolutely GORGEOUS and I completely love your new blog layout :) xxx

  2. The 530 Gems one is GORGEOUS!! (as they all are, but that ones my fave!)

  3. I love this.. i really want to get a polish like this..! following.. :)

  4. Wow these look so pretty... especially the holographic ones.. may have to get some soon xx