Monday, 16 January 2012

Review: Betty Hula Shea Butter Moisturising Cream.

'Honest, Natural Beauty'
All Betty Hula products are made using traditional techniques and the finest quality, fairly traded ingredients.

This stylish range is laced with a selection of delicious and exotic hawaiian inspired scents to stimulate your sense as your body is pampered. Traditional values with a contemporary twist.
Betty Hula products are designed to nurture the skin. The core ingredients in the skincare range are grade A Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E. All are clean, all are gentle, all are crafted to produce this unique range for you and your skin.

The range is perfect for all skin types. The recipes used are ideal for damaged, dry and sensitive skin. Powered by nature, they leave your skin feeling nourished, revitalized and silky smooth to the touch.
The unique production process takes natures finest ingredients without the use of chemicals. Ingredients are all fairly traded and taken from renewable sources. All of these ingredients are carefully chosen in line with their benefits for your skin.

I received the Shea Butter Moisturising Cream in Champagne&Spice and Rum&Blackcurrant. First impressions? They smell good enough to eat! Seriously, I dont think I've ever used a body cream that smells so good. Dont be put off by the mention of 'rum', its honestly a scent that you will want on your skin. I will 100% be ordering a tub but I cant decide which one to gor for, I've been wearing Champagne&Spice on one arm and Rum&Blackcurrant on the other but still cant make up my mind.
I've been wearing short sleeve tops around the house and keep catching whiffs of the cream throughout the day, its gorgeous.

The cream itself does a brilliant job. I can be quite lazy with body cream, mostly because I just cant be bothered but I've never been overly impressed with the results of any. Some arent moisturising enough and most body butters are just too rich for my skin, I'm left feeling like I need to wash it off. The Betty Hula formula is perfect for me and even if it wasnt, the smell alone would make me use it. haha

The tubs are 120ml and cost £14.99 from Betty Hula

Even just the look of the cream makes me want to eat it. lol
If you're after a new body cream then you really cant go wrong with either of these. There is also a Kiwi & Lime scent which sounds just as gorgeous.

Anyone else in love with this range as much as I am?

Products sent for review.


  1. These look and sound lovely!

  2. These sound brilliant! :)
    Love the packaging!

  3. They look gorgeous, really love the packaging <3 xxx