Tuesday, 15 April 2014

MONU First Defence Illuminating Primer with SPF15

As most of you will know, I'm not a primer person. Every now and then I'll test one out and there are a few I like but I'll never be a daily primer wearer for two reasons - more often than not they'll feel heavy/slimy on my skin and the difference they make in terms of how my foundation looks isn't great enough to convert me. Having said all that, there are a few out there that have it nailed formula wise. Forget what you've experienced with primers containing silicone in the past, MONU got it spot on with their First Defence Illuminating Primer*.

The First Defence line from MONU is paraben free, for all skin types and formulated to protect skin from environmental damage. The Illuminating Primer is a light reflective primer with soft focus technology to help brighten and smooth the complexion. It not only improves the look of  foundation, it also contains some ingredients which should help improve your skin long term such as Blackcurrant Seed Oil to boost moisture levels, restore softness, elasticity and suppleness. Vitamin E, an antioxidant and Cassia Alata Leaf Extract which protects skin against UV damage and reduces visible signs of photo-ageing. The 'illuminating' bit had me thinking the primer would be jam packed with shimmer but nope, it's completely shimmer free yet still manages to make my skin appear brighter. As I already mentioned, it does contain silicone but if I hadn't read the ingredient list I'd be none the wiser. There's no slimy, greasy texture, instead the formula has an almost whipped texture which sets on the skin in a matter of seconds and stays put throughout the day.

I don't have much trouble with my foundation lasting without primer, maybe if I did I would use them more often but if I was asked to recommend just one, it would have to be this one from MONU. It works equally as good on my oily t-zone as it does on my dry dehydrated cheeks so you don't need to think too much about your skin type. If you want your foundation to stay put a bit longer and your skin to appear smoother and brighter, it's a winner.

Are you like me when it comes to primers or do you swear by them?

MONU First Defence Illuminating Primer 27 quid directly from www.monushop.co.uk

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*PR sample

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