Friday, 8 March 2013

Kopi Coffee Club: Java Jampit Estate UTZ Certified Arabica.

After posting my 50 Random Facts Tag where I stated I love coffee but hate tea I was contacted by Kopi. Kopi is an exclusive monthly subscription service that is passionate about premium taste and ethical sourcing. Each month their experts hand pick the finest single origin coffee, freshly roast it and deliver it straight to your door. If you saw my Whats In My Handbag post last year then you will know I always carry around a sachet of cappuccino, it's instant but I love it. I can't go a day without coffee, I'm a coffee monster so couldn't wait to give Kopi a try. I'm not a coffee expert. I can't sniff out or taste different flavours, I just know if it tastes good or not so please don't be expecting any fancy pants descriptions. :)

 I received Java Jampit Estate UTZ Certified Arabica* in a large airtight bag which then reseals. Once I opened it the smell that met me was incredible. I love the smell of coffee anyway but this was something else, maybe this is why:

''Wet-processed, sun dried Java Jampit is sweet, spicy and full of rich chocolate flavour. Like any indonesian coffee, it is rich and earthy with plenty of body. But unlike a lot of it's brethren, Java Jampit has a soft herbal background: can you detect a hint of pine and even lavener?''

As I said, I'm not great at picking out different flavours but what I look for in coffee is something that isn't too bitter. I don't take sugar but there's been a few times I've bought a bag of pre ground coffee and had to add sugar just to be able to drink it. Java Jampit is smooth and easy to drink. While drinking I can't detect any chocolate, it's once I stop that it hits me, in a good way. Kopi describe it as 'a heavy hit of dark chocolate - think McVities chocolate biscuits' How good does that sound?! But don't worry, it isn't sickening in the slightest and doesn't taste at all like hot chocolate.

Have you heard of or tried Kopi before?
Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

You can find more info on subscriptions and prices at
*PR sample

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