Saturday, 7 April 2012

Judith Williams Luxury Diamond Magic Makeup

I have a habit of obsessing over certain products, one month it'll be lipstick and the next it'll be mascara. Lately its been all about foundation/bb creme/tinted moisturiser for me. As I've explained in a few posts, my skin has been driving me mad lately, I just hate how it looks and the thought of leaving the house bare faced makes my tummy turn. I've found a few products that are really brilliant but as with all beauty bloggers, we're never fully satisfied and always think theres something better out there.

Say hello to my latest makeup purchase.. Judith Williams Luxury Diamond Magic Makeup, what a mouthfull!

Judith Williams is a cosmetician, has a huge skincare range with a few tinted moisturisers thrown in for good measure. LDMM isnt a tinted moisturiser but something a bit different. On first look you'll notice how dark the colour is (theres only one shade) but magically it adapts to suit your own colour. The feel is very velvety, has a similar texture to quite a few primers and leaves the skin looking seriously smooth. LDMM contains real diamond powder to optically conceal imperfections and although you can build the coverage up its never going to be full coverage.


The finish is on the matte side so would be perfect for anyone with oily skin. It blends so easily and never leaves any tidelines. I just apply it with my fingers, it takes less than a minute so its perfect for slapping on just as you're about to head out. I didnt find LDMM to be drying at all but if you're prone to dry patches it will accentuate it.

Because the coverage is so sheer when applied lighly it would be brilliant for carrying around in your bag to touch up your t-zone throughout the day. It would also be great for taking on holiday but it doesnt conatin SPF so you'll have to take care of that seperately.

Judith Williams Luxury Diamond Magic Makeup is available as a duo from QVC, 2 x 30ml tubes for around £22


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  2. I've been looking at the Judith Williams Diamond range but wasn't sure whether to try it or not as it says it is aimed at 30+. I'm sure it can't do any harm though! I like the matte finish of this! x

    1. This is the only thing I've tried from the Diamond Range but I still wear moisturiser underneath. I know its supposed to have some skincare benefits but tbh I dont see how this would be possible and I havent noticed any change in my skin from using it.

      I wouldnt worry about the age too much, I started using anti-aging products when I hit 20. lol

  3. I've never heard of this brand but I like the look of this. The matte finish sounds right up my street!

    1. I think its only available in the UK through QVC. Its so easy to use and doesnt go shiny at all on my t-zone even after a full day of wear.