Friday, 11 November 2011

November Feelunique Beauty Box.

The day before I went away, my beauty box arrived...

Primed To Party

This is my second box from Feelunique and once again I'm happy with everything.

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Neutral Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm & Dual Action Professional Cleansing Cloth - 15ml.
This is my fav thing from the box, I love love love Emma Hardie! The cleansing balm is multi-purpose.. it cleanses, can be used on lips and cuticles and even left on the face as a treatment. The cleansing cloth is muslin on one side and micro-fiber on the other, it removes every trace of makeup and gently exfoliates at the same time. Your face is left so soft after and my lashes are left feeling really conditioned. This sample is enough for 2 weeks use.

Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Dust It Mattifying Powder - Full Size & worth £9.55.
I havent tried this before, Sooo many people are inlove with this product but it never appealed to me because I dont want my hair to look matte. This dust creates volume, texture and control. I never would have bought it but atleast I'm getting the chance to try it it.

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe - 30ml sample. 236ml - £21.50
I'm beyond pale and pasty at the min but just too lazy to be slapping on tan. It claims to be streak-free and smell delicious, which isnt something I've experienced with tan in the past. I'm a Xen-Tan virgin so looking forward to try it it out.

Bella Pierre Shimmer Powder - £12.99
Yet another full sized product! :] The shade I got is Gold&Brown and it is GORGEOUS!! I'm so happy I didnt get one of the funky colours that some people got. I've used it almost everyday since it came. The powder glides on like silk and stays put. It almost looks like liquid metal, it's just so pretty and I'm sure it's a shade that would suit everyone.

Goldwell Dualsense Ultra Volume 60 second treatment - 50ml Sample. Full Size 200ml £7.70
I'm not a fan of Goldwell, none of the salons I've worked in have ever stocked it and on the few occasions that I have used anything from the range I've been left less than impressed and this treatment didnt do anything to change that. My hair was left soft and easy to comb but it made absolutely no difference in terms of volume and by the next day, the ends of my hair just felt rubbish. It's a good size sample but I really cant see myself rushing out to buy it.

The sixth item was a sample of Prada Candy.

I think Feelunique is my fav beauty box, I've heard of and used most of the brands before and love the fact that the perfume samples are just thrown in and not classed as one of the items. Also, there is no P&P and as far as I'm aware, it is the cheapest of all the boxes! :]

The FeelUnique Beauty Box costs £9.95


  1. I had such impressive results with the goldwell treatment, can still see/feel the results now after nearly a week of using it, so surprised it didnt work that well for you!
    Wish id have gotten the brown/gold colour powder like you did, i got a bright pink one :/

  2. I couldnt get a good pic of the shimmer powder but its gorgeous, goes perfect with the Naked palette or on it's own. The bright pink looks like it would be really hard to wear, have you tried it yet?
    The Goldwell treatment conditioned my hair but I couldnt see any difference in volume, I've only used it once so far, I'll try it again.

  3. loved this box and am in love with Prada Candy EDP! Hinted to Santa! x