Tuesday, 1 November 2011

HAUL: A Little Bit Of Lushness.

During the winter I love having baths so decided to go onto the LUSH site and have a nose at their christmas and halloween collections. Not much caught my eye really. I ordered 4 things that all smell similar, if not the same...

Left To Right - Superstar x2, Candy Mountain, Mmmelting Marshmallow.

Superstar £2.25/100g - 'A strawberry Bath to make you feel really special' I ordered 2 of these so I could keep one in my room. It's Bee-You-Tea-fool!

Candy Mountain £2.35/Each - This is the candy bubble bar that comes in diff shapes/sizes every christmas. Everytime I smell it, I want to eat it and I love how the scent stays on your skin for hours after.

Mmmelting Marshmallow £3.60/100g - Everytime I order from LUSH, this ends up in my basket, I just love it. It has the same fragrance as Snow Fairy and Godmother soap.

If you havent already guessed, I love sweet scents.. bubble-gum, candy-floss, strawberry and whatever else. I'm really not into locking myself in the bathroom with anything overly floral, lavender is a huge no, I cant stand it!

There wasnt anything from the christmas or halloween collections that stood out for me, I expected to see loads of things I wanted but only ended up with 4.

Am I the only one who wasnt impressed?


  1. Thanks for posting this! I'm definitely going to check out all three of those on my next (and second only) Lush visit. I absolutely LOVE the Snow Fairy scent and am also one for sickeningly sweet, bubblegummy smells. Can't wait to try all of these, wish they were recommended to me when I visited the Lush store.


  2. I'm heading in tomorrow for the first time ever!
    I might buy one of those candy mountain things I've read great reviews on them! :)



  3. whenever I see a lush blog post I get so excited!! "Superstar" sounds amazing and is now on my lush wish list!!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. Boscy: Superstar is part of the xmas collection but I'm sure theres some things in the permanent line that have the same strawberry scent. If you love sweet scents then You'l love Creamy Candy Bubble Bar & Rockstar Soap, both have the same candy-floss scent.

    Serena: Candy Mountain Smells gorgeous, you will love it!

    Faye: I havent Tried Superstar yet but I'm hoping I'll love it.