Thursday, 17 November 2011

Just A Quickie! HAUL: E.L.F

This was my 1st order from E.L.F, I've always been put off just because of the prices.. so cheap! I decided to go for it because of the offer that was on (not sure if its still on) If you spent £10 you got free delivery plus a Mystery Box filled with goodies.

Heres what I got..

What I Ordered:
Shimmering Facial Whip (Toasted)
Nail Polish (Pearl)
Professional Shine Eraser
Foundation Brush
Concealer Brush
Natural Radiance Blusher (Innocence)
Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (Black)

What Was In The Mystery Box:
Nail Polish x2 (Twinkle & Golden Goddess)
Shimmering Eye Pencil (Purple)
Natural Bamboo Handle Foundation Brush

I havent had a chance yet to play around with everything but the nail polishes really impressed me, I'm a bit of a polish snob just because theres been soooo many times I've tried cheaper polishes and they've been rubbish, 'Pearl' is really pigmented, I expected it to be a bit wishy-washy but its not at all, Pearl isnt a colour I'd wear on its own but I got it for wearing under glitters. I'm also really loving the facial whip, the packaging had split but I couldnt be botherd to wait on a new one so just squirted it into a wee pot. Tried the waterproof eyeliner pen last night, I rubbed my eye and it crumbled off, the colour pay off wasnt good either but atleast it didnt cost me much.

All together my order came to £10.50, couldnt believe it!
Once I've had a chance to try everything I'll upload some reviews and swatches.

Did anyone else go for the Mystery Box?


  1. I think i'm going to try a facial whip in my next order! x

  2. I made a order with the 40% off thats on now, i find that elf products are very hit or miss! I hate their eyeliners but love their cream shadows, etc.

    I find that their polishes are that great, chip very easily and take a lot of coats but ive just ordered twinkle and golden goddess because i find you cant really go wrong with a glitter polish even when its cheap.

  3. aren't that great, not are, oops.

  4. Sarah: I just tried the facial whip on the back of my hand, its so pretty but does feel a bit tacky, Probably better suited to people with dry skin but I'm sure its nothing a bot of powder wouldnt sort.

    Zoe: Its mad how they manage to make any money at all with all the offers they have on the already low prices! Twinkle is really subtle, Golden Goddess has bigger bits of glitter through, cant wait to try it.

  5. Can't believe that all only came to ten quid! Absolutely amazing. I've never tried anything from ELF but definitely going to now - I had no idea it was so cheap! What have I got to lose, really? x

  6. Gutted I missed this offer! Great haul, espesh for £10! Looks like you have a some good products there :) Loving the name of your blog too! xoxo

  7. I love Elf and your post has made me wana order some more, oops!!
    Ashlie x

  8. I love ELF products, simply because they are super affordable and good quality! I am so jealous of your haul, makes me want to go order some right now!! I like your blog, I am a new follower by the way!