Thursday, 12 June 2014

Yay & Nay: Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream & Perfecting Beauty Balm

When I think of Simple, I instantly think 'face wipes' In my early teens my cleansing routine was a Simple face wipe morning and night. The thought makes me shudder now but they served me well. I've always had sensitive skin but the wipes never caused me any irritation and I was lucky enough to escape the spotty teen phase, so, for me they worked perfectly well. Simple have expanded their range since then though and as we all know, when a beauty blogger goes food shopping at Tesco, a few beauty bits always end up in the trolley.

Let's get the nay out of the way first

Simple Perfecting Beauty Balm: The universal shade of this is extremely orange but fear not as it does blend out, to nothing. Seriously, there's no coverage whatsoever. After testing it out I was met with ''do you know you have glitter all over your face?'' I have no problem with bases containing shimmer but this was something else. Not only does it offer zero coverage but if your skin is even the slightest bit dry, avoid like the plague. So as you can guess, the finish is matte which teens with oily skin will appreciate BUT, the shimmer overload and lack of coverage is going to highlight any spots you might have. It's not all bad news though as it does contain SPF15 and evens skin tone to a certain extent but unless you have oily skin with no imperfections, I can't imagine you'll be pleased with the result.

Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream: This moisturiser is lightweight which again makes it a great product for oily skin or Summer when moisturisers tend to feel a bit too heavy and slip around under foundation. For me it isn't moisturising enough on it's own so what I do is apply a small amount on top of whatever moisturiser I'm using. It contains the same shimmer as the Beauty Balm but because I use it under foundation I don't end up with disco face. In my opinion it's way too shimmery to be used alone but makes a great illuminating primer. I also dab a small amount on my cheekbones after foundation, it creates a gorgeous subtle sheen that catches the light but never looks OTT. If my skin starts looking a bit tired and dull as the day goes on, I just pat on some more. It never feels heavy and hydrates any dehydration lines that can creep up on us around the eye/cheekbone area.

Have you tried either of these products?

Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream, 7.99 & Perfecting Beauty Balm, 8.99 both available from

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  1. The radiance cream sounds nice but I agree, simple to me means face wipes (that stung) xx

  2. This beauty product is looking nice. I like its lightweight feature.

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