Sunday, 8 June 2014

Review: Skinny Tan 24-Hour Bronzer

I'm a faux tan devotee at the mo. My bed sheets look like the Tango Man has been murdered in his sleep but I'm not willing to give it up just yet, I just look and feel better with a bit of colour and the latest addition to my cupboard of brown stuff comes from Skinny Tan.

Skinny Tan 24-Hour Bronzer* is an instant bronzing gloss which makes it the perfect product to have handy for those times when you decide to go out at the last minute as there's no developing time, it feels like a regular body butter and best of all, it smells yummy! They describe the scent as coconut which I adore but to me it smells like straight up chocolaty cocoa butter. It's goooood! 

Skinny Tan claims to contour your body and reduce the appearance of cellulite. I have to say I haven't noticed much difference between the 24-Hour Bronzer and any other tanning product I own, in my experience they all seem to make things look a bit better but it is moisturising thanks to the hydrating almond oil and doesn't make any dry patches more noticeable. My favourite way to use it is on top of  whatever tan I'm already wearing. Instead of using body lotion the day after applying tan I'll use this. It keeps my skin hydrated and makes my colour more intense. In the pot the colour looks way too dark but once applied to the skin you're left with a gorgeous, natural golden glow.

So far it sounds great but there are a couple of things I'm not so fond of. (1) The packaging. To me the colours and design seem a bit dated, more so the tub than the box it comes in. I know how a product looks shouldn't be important but to me it is, if I saw it on a shelf next to other tanning products I more than likely wouldn't give it a second look. Not a fan of the tub either, would much prefer a bottle with a pump. (2) Even though it's an instant tan which washes off, I still expected it to be a little bit water resistant but sadly it isn't.

Have you tried this or any other products from Skinny Tan?

Skinny Tan 24-Hour Bronzer, 200ml 16.99 from

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*PR sample


  1. Besides the fact I seem to be allergic to the stuff, I can't stand the smell of fake tan. But I'm told some brands are better at both of these than others. Have you tried any organic/natural self tan that you would recommend Fran?


    1. That must be soooo annoying. I know a lot of people are allergic to certain ingredients in fake tan. Do you know which ingredient you're allergic to? You could search online for one that doesn't contain it. I've just tried the usual brands like Fake Bake, He-Shi, St Tropez, Lauren's Way etc, haven't really gone down the natural/organic route yet.

      The fake tan pong is defo a killer! Some are far worse than others but even ones that claim not to have the pong sometimes do.