Monday, 23 September 2013

Shopping My Stash #17

I love shopping my stash, I always find things I didn't even know I had or couldn't remember buying. I have a habit of sticking with what I know and put the bulk of my make up away to keep the place tidy but out of sight, out of mind definitely applies to me. If it isn't laid out right in front of my face I just reach for whats closest to hand but these posts help me rotate my make up more often and stop things going to waste.

Sephora 12HR Wear Jumbo Waterproof Liner '04 Taupe': Lina sent me this beauty a while back and I'm so glad she did, it has to be one of the most easy to apply eye products ever. The texture is so creamy that theres no dragging at the lids at all. Staying power is fantastic, it blends out easily and can be used alone or as a base for other shadows but I usually wear it on it's own, it's way to pretty to cover up. I adore the shade (swatches) but like everything else, it got neglected when new products came along.

Melvita Orange Blossom Floral Water*: You know me, I'm a toner/tonic/facial spritz addict so am happy to give this one from Melvita a try. The bottle only holds 28ml of product which won't last long but I'll report back in next months empties post.

Bourjois Blush '33 Lilas D'or': I'm getting stuck in a blush rut. My go-to blushers are Nars 'Douceur' and Tarte 'Exposed' (comparison post) but my skin gets a lot duller in the colder months and I can always rely on Lilas D'or to add a bit of a glow to my chops. It doubles up as blush and highlighter which is great for lazy daisy's like me. (review & swatches)

Anatomicals No Old Bags Allowed*: I've always had a problem with bags but it's just getting beyond a joke now. The baggage is so baggy that I could quite easily fit everything I'm taking to Paris in them and still still have room to squeeze in a few airport purchases. I don't really have high hopes for this product but I've read a couple of positive reviews so fingers crossed.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain '03 Strawberry Kissed': This stuff is hardcore! Take a look at my swatches here. The pigmentation is like nothing else I've ever tried and as it has a matte finish, staying power is unbelievable. I have Lina to thank for getting me hooked on these lip stains. I now own 2 but will be stocking up at the end of the month when I finally come face to face with Sephora.

Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation & Concealer 'Beige'*: I think I've tried 3 products from DS now. A Lipshine Lipstick, the much raved about and totally worth the hype Watercolour Blush, and now this, the newest addition to my face base arsenal. I haven't tried it out properly yet, it only arrived earlier today but on the back of my hand the texture of both the concealer and foundation feel light as air yet hydrating.

So that's yer lot!

Have you tried any of these products?
Any bag remedy recs?

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  1. That blusher is a beauty x

    1. It's lovely but I always forget to use it. The only thing I'm not so fond of is the scent.

  2. Haven't tried any of them but I have swatched the blush, does that count? hee hee xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

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  4. I am the same way, I buy so many hoard so many beauty products and they all can't fit on my vanity or somewhere in plain site, and then I completely forget about them. But the fun part is just randomly finding a barely used product one day! (: I love this type of post, great idea!