Sunday, 22 September 2013

Rae Morris Angle Brow/Mascara Definer

I've heard nothing but great things about Rae Morris make up brushes so back when I placed an order on Love Make Up for a couple of Zoeva brushes (which are fantastic! Review here) I decided to add the Rae Morris Angle Brow/Mascara Definer to my basket. I needed a new spoolie and as this brush is probably the cheapest from the line I thought it would be a good, affordable way to try out the brand.

I have no idea what the rest of the Rae Morris brushes are like but after trying the Angle Brow/Mascara Definer I have no desire to buy more. When it arrived there was long bristles hanging from the spoolie, I wish I'd snapped some photos before giving them a trim. The whole thing rattles as if it hasn't been put together properly and the angled brow end isn't anything special. I was going to return it but after reading reviews which I should've done before placing my order, it seems that the rattle is the norm with this brush. It's also very thin which is fine for giving your brows a quick brush through but it makes trying to apply powder to your brows very awkward.

The quality just isn't there which is a shame as even if the rest of the brushes are incredible, it's put me off from wanting to buy any more.

Do you own any brushes from Rae Morris?

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  1. I thought this looked really good from the photos! Such a shame it was a disappointment, there's nothing worse than a badly made brush. I bought an Illamasqua angled brush not long ago, it rattled too and stank so so strongly of glue, and there was glue caught in all the bristles. Awful!! xx

    1. I still haven't tried any Illamasqua brushes, I'm always scared to try brushes from other brands incase I hate them. I'm not a fan of bareMinerals brushes either, the type I had were so scratchy, felt like shredded wood and would shed like a mofo.