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Review: Etat Pur Skin Care

Etat Pur Enoxolone 280, Q10, Smoothing Eye Contour Care

For around 2 months now I've been trying out these 3 products from Etat Pur which are targeted and best suited to all my major skin concerns. This is my first brush with Etat Pur but I've been impressed with both the results, and the prices.

Etat Pur Enoxolone 280, £12.60*: This product is designed for people with very reactive and irritated skin. If you experience any tingling, redness, burning or any discomfort at all then this is the type of product you should go for. I get a lot of heat and discomfort in my cheeks which is often made worse after cleansing. The redness can be so extreme that sometimes it looks almost purple and the heat that radiates from those areas is unbelievable! Enoxolone has soothing properties which promise to provide effective, long lasting relief. Does it? Yes it does, it works from the first use and within a matter of minutes but I found I needed to use it every day and night to get the best results. On my skin, it's only something that works while it's actually on the skin which is good but I was hoping it would get rid of all my problems once and for all which is probably something that no product can do. The texture is a cross between a serum and cream, it sinks into the skin straight away and adds immediate comfort.

Etat Pure Q10, £8.60*: Q10 comes in the same packaging as Enoxolone. The narrow tip means there's no product wastage and at the base of the bottle there's a push mechanism which allows you to dispense the right amount of product each time. The texture is also very similar to Enoxolone. Q10's job is to slow down the first signs of wrinkles and keep the skin looking younger for longer. Coenzyme Q10 is something we all have in every skin cell but as we age, our levels diminish which results in wrinkles appearing. I'm all over anything that promises to keep wrinkles at bay and because of the texture, I would say this product is something that even people with blemish prone skin could use without having to worry about their skin being overstimulated. I usually apply this product at night and by morning my skin has a glow (it almost looks as if I've applied a light layer of tan) and is plump. Obviously I can't say if it's keeping wrinkles at bay as I don't have any but I can only assume from the results I've had that it is.

Etat Pure Smoothing Eye Contour Care, £12.20*: Eye cream is the main product I always struggle with. I have fine lines, dark circles, bags and puffiness. It's hard to find one eye cream to target all my eye concerns without making one worse. Often if I use a cream designed to target fine lines it will make my puffiness worse but if I use a cream to target puffiness, it does nothing to help my fine lines and I'm yet to find an eye cream that really does get rid of dark circles. Smoothing Eye Contour Care claims to fade wrinkles and fine lines, reduce signs of fatigue, protect against the harmful  free radicals and deliver optimun moisturization. It did plump up my fine lines without making my puffy bags worse and my eye area did feel moisturised all day but it didn't reduce signs of fatigue.

Have you tried any of these products?
Whats your thoughts on Etat Pur?

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