Monday, 4 June 2012

Eylure Dylash Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit - Before & After Pics.

Anything that saves me money, time and does exactly what it claims is always going to be a winner with me. I cant even remember how long I've been using Eylure Dylash now but I've repurchased many many times.

The kit contains everything you need to dye your lashes and brows at home (I only use it on my brows), theres instructions on how to mix it up but I find mixing it as directed results in so much product being wasted so I just mix it up my own way. It doesnt affect the colour at all, its fool proof really.

The small dip in the plastic tray acts as a bowl for the dye. Theres a white 'mixer stick' included but I find the spoolie does a better job of mixing the tint, which never ends up smooth no matter how well you mix but again, it doesnt affect the performance. The shade I always go for is dark brown, it looks black but without the harshness. If I was using this kit for my lashes then I would go for black. My brows arent too bad at the minute so I've used my mum for before and after pics. Her brows are quite grey but the dye covers them well, it also adds more shape to her brows and gives her a better idea of where she needs to pluck.


As you can see, her brows look washed out and fluffy.


Bare in mind she hasnt plucked/shaped her brows at this stage but you can already see how much more noticeable they are. After having her brows shaped at the Benefit Brow Bar a few times she now has to pluck along the top as they always insist on waxing it and now it grows back like crazy (dont do it!).They're still sparse but not much is going to change that.

An Eylure Dylash kit lasts me around a year, even when I'm sharing it between me and my mum it still lasts close to a year. The amount of product you get might look tiny but you honestly need the smallest amount each time. It has saved me so much money and hassle of making appointments, getting to the salon on time, worrying about whether the therapist is going to make me look an extra from sesame street. You get my point . From start to finish it takes me a grand total of 7 minutes and the clean up time is even less - 2 swipes with a face wipe and you're good to go.

Eylure Dylash costs around £7 and can be found in Boots/Debenhams.

A whole years worth of tinting for 7 quid, bargain! Does anyone else love this kit as much as me? :)


  1. Wow, what a bargain! I've always been worried doing this at home rather than in teh salon but you make it seem so easy and its so much cheaper.

    1. If you're scared of your brows going to dark leave just the tint on for 2mins, wipe off and reapply, you can keep doing that untill you're happy with the colour. Its impossible to go wrong, unless you're blonde and use the black option. lol

      It barely stains the skin either so you dont have to be too fussy when slapping it on. The only reason we tint the hair at the top of my mums brows is because it gives her a better idea of where needs plucked.

    2. The skin staining was one of the things I was worried about so glad to hear it doesn't stain much. Will have to take the plunge and give it a go now!

  2. Thanks for this review. I went with your recommendation for the Dark Brown stuff, I picked mine up from here:

    I would have gone with Amazon but by the time you've paid extra for first class delivery it was cheaper to get it from the above.

    I hope it arrives tomorrow, I can't wait to give it a go :-) I shall report back to you with my findings!

    Thanks again for the post.

    1. Yes let me know how you get on. :) I find the black too harsh unless your hair is naturally very dark in the first place. To me the dark brown looks almost black anyway.