Monday, 5 March 2012

NOTD | Bits & Bobs

I'm making more of an effort to work my way through my mountain of nail polish. Rimmel Blue My Mind made its way into my collection a few years ago when I was looking for a Nails Inc Belgrave Place Dupe. Both polishes are almost identical, Belgrave Place is slightly darker.

I love dark navy nails, I think it makes your hands look really polished, especially on shorter nails.

Its been so sunny the last few days so IRL the polish is a bit darker than in these pics. The sun has almost bleached my hand completely out of the pic.

In some lights the colour seems more purple. As usual, I think Rimmel brushes out-do the brushes on even high end polish brands (unless you have narrow nails, the brush might be too wide for you and make application messy). The finish was glossy but did take a while to dry, not a problem if you use a quick dry top-coat.

Products Used:
O.P.I Ridge Filler
Rimmel Blue My Mind (2 coats)
Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top-Coat.

Went to Ikea last week for a wee nosey, was looking for storage boxes and found some pencil holders to keep my makeup brushes in. The holders come in a pack of two and are available in either baby pink or white.

I think these were around £2.50, cheap and cheerful. Then a while back I picked up a fancy glass jar  from BHS to keep my cotton pads in.

I'm sure this was around the £12 mark but I managed to get it in the sale for £5.

Whats on your nails today?


  1. Would love to know what you think of the OPI Ridge Filler - I haven't heard that much about it but am loving the Natural Nail Base Coat xxx

    1. I dont have many ridges so dont really know how great it is for that, I bought it mainly because its not clear, its a milky white and makes colours true-er to the shade in the bottle but its a decent base coat though.

  2. lovely nail polish colour !

  3. That shade of purple is so vibrant - it's awesome! Also.. ikea is the greatest place to shop/window shop!

    - Mel

    1. I couldnt get the true colour to come across in the pics but its more navy IRL and a lot darker.

      I know, it's impossible to leave Ikea empty handed. lol