Monday, 6 January 2014

L'Oreal Nails a Porter 'Drama Queen'

Over the last month or so I've been dabbling with falsies, something I haven't done since I let me nails grow 6-ish years ago. My experience with falsies back then wasn't great and to be honest I wasn't expecting much to have changed since then but it really has. The quality is better, wear time far exceeds what's stated on the box and the amount of designs/different nail shapes we can get our hands on now is insane! The House Of Holland 'Dotty' nails definitely weren't my cuppa tea where shape was concerned but wear time was fantastic! They lasted 10 days as claimed and I have no doubt they would have lasted another 10 days if I hadn't removed them. I got the itch to try more but in a shape and design I was comfortable with.

L'Oreal Nails a Porter in 'Drama Queen' were an obvious choice for me. I love black and gold and whilst the shape is a bit more on the almond side than I would have liked, they've nailed the width. I didn't have to file any to fit my narrow thumbs, the only thing I had to do was file down the length slightly on my texting thumb. They were easy to apply and come with sticky gel tabs which are a lot kinder on nails than regular glue yet still feel really secure, I'm not worried about them pinging off at all. Some of my nail beds are narrow but at the same time they're long which makes my natural nails look much longer than they really are which brings me to one teeny con - The nails are short. This won't be a problem for most people but if like me you have long nails beds you're going to have to file your natural nails down quite far which can make stubby fingers like mine look stubbier. 

All 5 designs in the L'Oreal Nails a Porter range are Parisian inspired and claim to last upto 5 days. I'll report back on wear time.

EDIT: The nails on both thumbs and index fingers came off within a day. If you like the Nails a Porter designs but want to wear them for longer than one night I would recommend using nail glue instead of the glue pads.

L'Oreal Nails a Porter, 7.99 available from Superdrug

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  1. These look lovely, i love black and gold together

  2. I loveeee these!! :)

  3. ohhhh I saw these before Xmas and wanted to get them for the xmas party… but then I forgot :(
    I really like them, I'm sure I will end up buying them sooner or later. xx

  4. I always see things I want then forget to buy them, I'm sure my purse is glad.